Do we have any assurance that the Seadragon issue is fixed for the next Atlantis Rises?

Title says it all. I used a lot of resources for little compensation last time. Good news is we were alerted early enough to stop using energy flasks and loot tickets.

Any info to ease my mind would be appreciated.



I think the actual glitch was due more too loot tickets. AR sea dragons there prob a on and off switch for them, as looot was still the same after they was disabled.
But would be nice if sgg can say everything is gonna be cool for next AR I’m guessing they may put something out before AR starts.

Also I kept farming as normal when was shut off I got 250 coins.


Quote from the original staff post.


Right on Guv! You are always super helpful and I appreciate you

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Not everyone gonna remember that was last year ffs :roll_eyes::wink:.
Maybe put it more out there then people know it’s all cool. :+1:

Do we have ANY confirmation if the loot ticket problem which occred in the last Atlantis event has been solved?

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