Do We Have An Accord?

Alliance Name: Do We Have An Accord
Cup Requirement: OPEN
Current Players: 10/30
Line ID for questions: SayHey1

Newer alliance looking for players that want to learn and progress. We are founded by experienced members with a lot of knowledge to share. We have already moved up in titans and taken down a couple of 5* rares with less than our full complement of attackers. We are 9-1 in wars so far and would love your help to keep our momentum! Our current players range in cups from 200-2600 with a good spread in between. We enjoy the occasional chat and have Line (optional) to keep in touch and share tools and data about the game.

NOW…What do you get?!

  1. The company of encouraging and knowledgeable players that are happy to help you learn and grow. No such thing as a bad question!
  2. A team that is active and will not let the alliance fill with idle players holding growth back.
  3. Starting with this war, we will run participation contests with Google Play or iTunes gift cards for winners. The founders are good-natured and drama-free. We have a good time and would love for you to join us.

We are at 21/25 on war chest, so this is a great time to join and get full fare on the next one!

@SayHey welcome to the community, just checked your alliance and seen you still only have 10 members, I am trying to recruit 9-10 people to my alliance, if you would be willing to merge let me know and we could discuss terms.

Bumping. Starting a new war chest now and we’re 10-1!

We are up to 20 members and 13-2 in wars. Going to be running a fill the war chest promo, so come get in on it!

We are at 21 members and looking to round out our group. Good time to join as our war chest is at 24/25.

We have trimmed a few who were not active and at 18/30 now. War is optional but participants use all flags (does your alliance leave zero flags on the field like we do?!). Daily titan hits unless you let us know ahead of time. Just polished off a 7* rare. Still running “fill the war chest” promotions which only requires you use 6 flags to qualify for drawing for iTunes or google play gift card (and our chest is 24/25 some come qualify).

We also have level 32 acceptance speeches, hilarious banter and feeling all ticketyboo proclamations. Give us a shot!

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