Do trophies affect Titan level?

The titan level is based mainly on the Alliance score. The alliance score is a combination of the trophies of the members, as well as the points earned from fighting Titans. The points gained from Titan battles decrease over time.

I found this when doing a web search, but there seems to be a disagreement in my alliance as to whether this is accurate. I would like someone to confirm it. Maybe even a few people. Thank you.

Subject to some randomness, a stronger titan (in stars or health) follows a titan that was defeated and, conversely, a weaker titan follows one that has escaped. So no, trophies don’t affect at all the titan level.

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I’ve had the same experience as @kahree
Seems to be some randomness to it, going a star up or down.

But after further searching I found what you mean. What you said is directly off of SGs articles. The wording of it is making me wonder if that “randomness” is really due to our trophy scores going up or down…
Can my alliance perpetually stay at 9* Titans so long as our trophy count is reduced by the same amount our Titan score goes up?


I’m also curios. I was under the impression that once you defeated consequently 3 titans of some level (say, 5*) you’ll get a titan of a next level (6*). Now I doubt it is true.

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Definitely there is randomness to it. We killed off 3 or 4 7*, then an 8*, and were immediately rewarded with a 9*, who smoked us.

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Maybe that randomness is actually tied to trophy counts going up and down, or the spawn time of the Titan and time your Titan score decreases?
ie. Your Titan score decreases --> Kill Titan --> new Titan spawns
That will net you a higher Titan score at spawn time than:
Kill Titan --> Score decreases --> New Titan spawns

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I bounce between 1* and 2* titans most of the time. I can, given decent boards and colors I’m strong against handle up to mid-ranged 2* without using flasks. Last time, after I lost to a 2* just beyond me, I got knocked down to 1*, beat that, and got given a 3* as my personal backside-kicker. My personal backside being what it kicked of course. :wink:. There’s definitely a batch of randomness in the system there.

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Thanks for all the input. I’m also guessing that that randomness is due to the fluctuation in trophy scores and the titan score decreasing over time. Still, it would be nice to know for sure.

Even though the information I posted came right from a company article, things get changed from time to time, and there’s no way to know how current that little memo was.

I’m going to start tracking this in my alliance, I’ll let you know here what I find.

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Actually, official explanation is not quite clear to me. Except it explicitly states that trophy score is also included.

Perhaps the resent changes in raids (many people point out that they are raided much more often) influence a Titan selection stronger now.


Okay, so that was from a support article. In this case I wonder: for a new alliance whose members have high cups, can they get a single 1* and immediately jump to 3* (or more than 3*)? From the support article, it should be possible.
Also from how support article explains it, does an inactive alliance with trophy score higher than 10K (or whatever is needed) will not drop to 1* even if nobody attacks the titans?

Lastly, maybe nitpicking, but why does it say “mainly”? “The titan level is based mainly on the Alliance score.” There’s something else than the alliance score that influences the titan level?

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You know I never noticed that word… “mainly”. That’s a little cryptic. Now I’m wondering…

I joined a new alliance … which had just started with ~10 refugees from a different alliance, plus a bunch of new recruits, so our trophy score was way higher than our titan score at the beginning.

It was over a month ago, and I don’t recall the exact sequence, but I’m pretty sure we slaughtered 3~4 1* in a row, then 3~4 2* in a row, then 3~4 3* in a row, and finally by the time we started getting 4* titans, we had to work at it, after a couple weeks.

After that it has been a slower progression, killing a few, getting a bigger one (or two), having to let one go to build up flags, and getting a smaller one for that battle…Today we are letting a big 7* go, and we’ve only seen one 8* that we couldn’t kill.

Based on what I’ve seen, I have to conclude that titan score counts at least 2-3x as much as trophy score for titan size determinations.

Hmmm…does anybody know if the damage you do to an escaping titan counts toward improving your titan score, or is an escape worth zero?

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I’ve just checked: escaped 7* Titan added 962 points to the Alliance score.

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Apparently it counts.

There is something confusing with the logic of a next Titan selection. Yesterday we lost 7* Titan and at the score of 88542 (43152 trophies + 45390 Titan score) we got next 6* Titan. We defeated it and today at a score of 87678 (41244 + 46434) we got a 7* one.
It looks like trophies has less importance than Titan score and difference of 1044 points in a titan score plays its role.

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Before raid tiers, I would just chill at 600 trophies to collect my hero wanted chest every 14 hours. When raid tiers were introduced, I decided to see if rewards were better and made it up to 2100 trophies (because I didn’t think I could maintain over 1800 without the insurance I went as high as my team could take me). Even after that jump we got a fifth 5* titan before it finally gave us a 6* to struggle against.

And as of the first of the month, when our alliance cycles out those that are too inactive to even be considered casual anymore, we just lost 7 people and their trophy amounts. If it gives us more than five 5* before allowing us a 6* I’ll let you know… Otherwise I would really not consider trophy count a factor.