Do these idea and requests actually get considered, or

…are we just pissing into the wind here? I ask because I could easily spend $60 (once) on a Playstation game that would occupy me for months. I feel like if I’m spending hundreds of dollars on this game, and others are spending 10 times that much, that the developers should take our input and actually make changes to the game. We’re basically paying them to stay in business here. So many things are broken that could be fixed without harming their earning potential with the game.

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A lot of suggestions have been have been heard and implemented.

Others are ignored. Mainly those that affect SGGs revenue stream.

they do get considered. If you look at their list of things they’re working on, many of those are requests from many players.

But like any product management team that creates things people use or buy, there’s a balance between what people ask for, what’s actually good for that product short- or long-term, and what people don’t know to ask for.

You wouldn’t want google to only give people what they asked for, you want them also working on things you haven’t even thought of yet.

Same here. How many people asked for Alliance Wars or anything like that? not many. but as a beta tester, IMO it’s shaping up to be tons of fun.

So it looks like the odds of getting a suggestion considered are equivalent to the odds of getting decent in game rewards. Like 2%.

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Just take a look on the forum and count all the suggestion that has made through this months.

I stay here waiting for your response.

It looks like 100+ a month, so well over 1000 by now in total…

And about the Google comment from Dante, Google is free. We’re paying for this, and not one time like a console game.

100 per month? Not even close but let’s take for good.

So, what to consider and what not?

I counted actual new threads started September of 2017. There were 110 just that month. Am I not allowed to be frustrated or something?

Google isn’t free, it just doesn’t cost you money. But there is a very real and very unseen dangerous cost to using “free” google products. But that’s neither here nor there and very much off-topic.

But replace google with any company that makes hardware/software/software as a subscription. Part of what you’re buying into is the fact that they have a vision and a track record of making something that’s quality and that lasts. Again, if you only give a large group of people what they ask for, you’re not going to make the best product you can, because most of them aren’t thinking about “what’s the next big fun thing?”, they’re thinking about “grumble grumble I just want more ascension materials” and other tactical items.

EDIT - I work for a large company that makes infrastructure hardware and software. If we implemented everything customers asked for, we’d NEVER have the time or resources to actually build next-gen solutions that solve major networking pain and help networks evolve, because we’d be bogged down by the minutia of 1000’s of customer feature requests. So we build a mix of customer requests plus future looking features and products that customer aren’t even thinking about now. A mix of looking ahead and enhancing what’s on the truck right now.

You sure can be, just want you to consider that they has some kind of… justification?

“Doesn’t cost me money” is the very definition of free for me. I don’t expect a company like that to listen to anything I say. They should listen to their advertisers or whoever foots their bills.

I subscribe to Adobe’s suite of products. There is a monthly fee. If there are problems with the software or suggestions from users, and enough people have the same issues, they absolutely implement those changes. That’s how a system like this should work. The only way this game survives is if the people paying for it feel like someone gives a crap about how they feel. Either that, or they convince enough new people to pay than old people they lose because of frustration. Anyway…I was merely asking in the beginning if these things get considered so I know if I should make suggestions or if it’s a waste of time. I think that has been answered for me.

Yes and any product that has hundreds of thousands of users gets hundreds and thousands of suggestions. They can’t or for product reasons don’t want to implement them all. It’s important to keep adding your voice to requests that exist, because that does help influence (but not decide) what features get worked into the product plan.

A suggestion that has 1000 additional people asking for it carries more weight than on that one that only has a few. That doesn’t mean it will get implemented, just more likely to get considered. Remember the dev team has their own vision of things as well and for all the bitching and moaning, the game seems to be doing just fine. Can it improve? Sure. Should you expect fundamental changes in the way things work (like 3x increase in ascension materials, etc)? probably not.


Good suggestions get ignored too. Some examples:

  • test raids between alliance members (without energy & rewards)
  • possibility of watching your own defense during raids (like a video)
  • option for reduced graphics quality in exchange for better battery performance & less heat.

Fair enough. I think the way special skills increase (or don’t increase) is seriously broken. Other than that, I don’t have any big problems with the ascension materials. I have about enough for the heroes I have. I will just have to consider all of this when I decide to either make a suggestion, or decide if I want to spend money or not.

I’d make the suggestion when it comes to you. But spending is probably a good way too. If you’re going to chance your spending habits, direct feedback via email never hurts. That way they can link change in revenue to a cause.

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The in-alliance test raids idea seems like a win for everyone. There is no way to test changes otherwise without affecting your rank.

I do believe they get considered. I just don’t think people have the transparency they want in so many of the processes/decisions that this company makes, especially with the ones that they do NOT choose to do and why. In this day and age there is SO MUCH perceived transparency in our lives that when we get stonewalled it sucks extra bad and provides extra frustration. As suggested, there is a thread addressing some of the common requests as well as some general timelines as well.

These guys also have had multiple funding rounds from VC so they do have investors to answer to as well. Having worked in these types of companies, sometimes you have to do things in line with what the VC’s think is best even if you feel otherwise. They don’t hand over money just to do whatever you want to do with it, either, so they may have things they HAVE to do on the condition of the funds or on the condition of gaining the next funding round. These things may not work to the communities benefit, at times, and may get adjusted.

I have no intention of rage-quitting over stuff like this like some people that don’t get their way, I just want to be smart about where I spend money. I can be more of a casual player if I feel like I would get more value for my dollar with a console game. The lack of transparency to people that spend money is the frustrating part. It’s like we are shareholders in a company. Some have a way bigger stake in the game, but everyone deserves to know what influences decisions.

You are not a shareholder, you are a customer. Thinking of yourself as a shareholder is part of what leads you to frustration. There are some companies that co-develop products with their customers (i.e. my company co-developed a CPE solution with/for AT&T); this game is not one of those.

If a suggestion gets enough likes it draws the attention of the developers. The more people talk about it the more they consider both sides of the argument before deciding to implement it into the game. That is why some are implemented and other ideas are not. So if an idea catches your fancy, like it, and get into the discussion about why you believe it is a good idea, debate and see if you can change the minds of people that disagree. They listen to the community as a whole.

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