Do the specials of two Valerias stack?

I have 2 Valerias and if they stack I might push the second one.
If they do stack that would be quite an improvement. :smile:

since you have the two, maybe you can test them when farming? And tell us the result! :slight_smile:

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Did not test it. Logic says they must stack…

If you are asking about Vivica, they do not stack.

It says her special will stack if already cast on the enemy, therefore if another Valeria casts the same special on said enemy it will stack.

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Hope you are Right.

Have to test it then.

They stack and 20 chars

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What exactly brings Vivca here buddy? :thinking: :laughing:

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Great. Thanks 20 somethings

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Please excuse me, l am not familiar with Valaria.
Not buddy either.

Sorry if “buddy” offended you.
I just say it to people I reapect.


@Jedon, not offended.

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if your attacks are stacked even if I attack with the vampire vlad and then with valeria or victor they are also stacked (summary: between vampires apply to each other) I have all 3 and they turn out pretty well.