Do tax apply to my gem purchase

I live in Canada, Québec province.
I don’t remember having to pay taxes on my SG online gem or offer purchase…but started to pay it lately… where exactly can I get an official answer …I am not the only one this is happening to.

I imagine for an “official” answer, you’d want to consult your government’s websites or other documentation.

But some quick Googling will probably suffice, e.g. this article listing the tax rates for digital goods in Québec (as well as the details for the rest of Canada):


Hola buenas tardes yo compro gemas pero los impuesto son alto aquí en Argentina Buenos Aires… Que puedo hacer, Para que no sea muy alto ? Gracias

Well, the most legal way is to join an Argentina party, make the people vote for you and reduce the local taxes.

Everything else is illegal and should not been discussed on this forum.

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