Do talents stack when having more than one of the same class?

Hey All,

Just curious if I have 3 Sorcerers in the party if it’s a 45% chance to reduce the mana generation of those hit in the other party or does it cap at the 15% regardless? TY

Each hero has a 15% chance to proc their talent individually. On defense this is with slash attacks. On offense this is through their troops (tiles). If you have multiple of the same element, the troops are randomly assigned to heroes of that element, and will have a chance to proc the talent of the hero they are assigned to.


Each hero is separate, as talents always are. But with 3 heroes you have 15% chance for each of them. Also the boost doesn´t stack but overwrite each other if you hit the same target more than once.

Having 5 rogues gives 100% dodge and having a hero that is rogue and gives dodge to the whole team, pushing the percentage over 100%, has excess percentage chance to send the damage back to the attacker