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Well after two years off plaing this game I’ve decided to move on. In two years i never got an 5* purple hero. Today I’ve cancelled my in game purchases after ave spent £120 and i didn’t get nothing. I will lose my account but I’m feed up off this scam. If any off you wana do same copy and paste this link in your web browser: . Or search on google for instructions. I rather donate those money to an charity or play lotto. Take care out there , don’t let your self manipulated. Regards, Mango Are you trying to hide the truth Rook?


The rest of us would like to ask SG for a new category on the forum where we could find such weekly topics.

Don’t go over your limit and you won’t be disappointed. I can pay thousands, to be honest, I spent them before in another game. Now I have a spending limit which I’m OK to throw away (on charity or loto). At the time when I won’t get enough fun for money which I don’t care about, I’ll go somewhere else quietly with no regret.

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Hmmm. I got 3x Domitia + 1x Quintus + 1x Sartana for free in the last months since i’m running 4x Training Centers. Actually the TC gave me an entire rainbow 5* for free.

I can’t deny the fact I got a Khiona with 10x Atlantis summon but still…

Uhm, i think the game was created less then 2 years go.

Perhaps you play since… before it was released?


aint nobodys defender but random is not a scam…
and i agree and embrace what @Api says below.

I play from the beginning, mate . Are about two years . I cannot remember when I’ve started.

This random is crazzy , I’ve got better odds on roulette to make some real money. I’ve spent £120 today in game and I’ve got nothing . 12k gems in 15 min.

Plus few other hundreds since Halloween event started . All i got are 2x Aegir .

I’d be happy to get Aegir. I’ve never gotten a HOTM. I dunno. I guess bye.

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I’ve noticed new players has more chances to get good heroes then old members us me . I’m lev 50. I run 4x tc 20 for few months. Only one craft at lev 14 , rest off the buildings are lev 20. I got only one 5* from those tc.

Aegir was designed to nerf GraveMaker.

How does Aegir counter gravemaker?

GM very fast/ Aegir very slow

GM hits 3 targets, Aegir life links 3 heroes (basically the life link does nothing as 3 targets are hit and the 3 share damage.)

Aegir should receive less damage from red/gm but if one of the heroes that us life linked is green Aegir ends up taking more anyway.

I’m not going to go on ranting about Aegir but please explain how anyone can consider him a counter to GM?

Aegir is Average not very slow .Did you fight Aegir with Gm? Is best tank in game after Guinnevere. Stats are nothing.

Rigard with Aegir on defence team . Will defend very well

@Mango, thank you for sharing your concerns with us. When a game stops being fun, it’s time to move on.

For others reading this thread, I’d echo thoughts from above:

  • set a budget and stick to it. Don’t spend more than you can afford or would regret losing. Mine is one hour’s wage/month.
  • maximize your chances with RNG (mystic visions, wanted chests, high-level titans, wars, etc.), and
  • get all the free goodies (quests, etc,).

And finally: enjoy the game and the people in it, doing as well as you can with what resources you have. My alt has done pretty well with a mostly 4* team on 8*-10* titans, and I enjoy the people there and the support and banter.

Best wishes, Mango


So at least you did get Zimkitha :roll_eyes:

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Actually I believe there was an original Beta group that played before the game was widely released: that started roughly September 2016, so Mango May be one of the Old Ones. :wink:

I’m sorry you are leaving Mango and wish you bon chance wherever you go. However there are plenty of “I’m quitting and here’s why” threads, and you can post there. If you are duplicating the idea, we need to close the thread.


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