Do Red Hood's Foxes stop Onatel's mana steal?


Do Red Hood’s Foxes stop Onatel’s mana steal? Has this been asked before?

I know that they stop the drain from heroes like Leonidas, Guinevere or Mitsuko, and I know that they don’t stop Hel or Proteus since they’re not draining mana (but they do block).

Now… what I don’t know is if her foxes stop Onatel from stealing, since she technically does not drain mana like the above three mentioned do; more like she forces the user to share mana gain.

I ask because I was doing a raid against her with Red Hood, but noted that Onatel still stole mana. At the time I thought it was a bug, but now that I think about what her special does I’m not so sure anymore. Regardless, I don’t have a video or screenshot of the raid, and I’m not having luck hunting for Onatel tanks to try it out again. Figured it would be faster to ask here.