Do players who don't attack the titan still get credit for the kill?


I have a question for those of you who are more knowledgeable about the game than me. If players in my alliance do not participate in attacking the titan still get credit for the kill to be applied to opening their titan chest? I have never NOT attacked a titan so I have no way of knowing. Thank you in advance for your feedback.


No players that don’t hit a Titan get no credit. But I would be asking myself if they are not going to hit what are they doing there


Um, probably because people have lives outside a phone game…I’m in a zombie alliance…so for me, just par for the course.


No, they dont get also titan loot and I think you should interact with them about not being an inactive, I would kick them if there is no excuse.


You need to cause at least 1% damage of the titans HP to get credit for it… Rules are slightly different for a titan pass…


Yeah I think the same way, we had a new ally members awhile ago, we said welcome etc he then pointed out he wasn’t there for chat, hitting the Titan and war, I asked why be in an alliance then, he replied because it feels nice!.. Our leader kicked him…(SMH)


Thank you for your input. That was the answer I was hoping for.


Im fairly certain any damage done counts towards a kill on Titan Chest. The 1% comes in when you want better than failing loot (D score). Correct me if I’m wrong though.


I’m bringing in the big guns on this one…
@Coppersky So what say you ? Will any damage on a titan give them credit towards their titan chest ?

But also, I’ll do you one better, I don’t think anyone who can’t cause 1% damage should get titan cred…


It’s my belief that someone gets a credit to their titan chest as long as they put in at least one hit on a defeated titan, and their chest isn’t locked by leaving an alliance in the past 12 hours. At least I’ve not noticed or heard anyone mention that a titan point isn’t rewarded.


Thanks for clearing that up…