Do players know how to use their Heroes?

Please explain?. Are you hurt? Did I do something wrong? Or said anything wrong?

I’ll wait.

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Nope, hence the congrats

Just want to get opinion and thoughts from All of you. I’ll love to hear from your experience as well Join in the topic! :pray:t3::+1:t3:

Just to start with Very nice team BTW hope some day I’ll get to hav a pop at it when raiding .

Cant say I know where to put or use heros I just stick in what I think can handle it and hope for the best lol. I’m a full mono player and reached the top lots of times just by using mono.

There will be some days my luck with borads are bad but there will be some days I rip through them all. I just think RNG determines when it’s my time. No skill involved

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I have 5 mono teams ready to go. I randomly pick one team and raid 6 times them close the game lol.


Agreed with the RNG part I believe that’s where Colors shine :grinning::grin:. But again we don’t know Sheers!!

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Well that sums it ip :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Just curious. You’ve NEVER stacked in a raid?

all this hate for mono why???
It is how the game is designed for offense. its how the damage is calculated that mono is the way to go.
If you don’t want to do it , awesome, but don’t come up with all the BS of people not knowing how to synergize or like to gamble or any of the other nonsense being spouted out here.

Mono is also the fastest way to play. I don’t like spending 4-8 minutes on one raid.

As far as if it causes you to lose because of a bad board? nope it doesn’t, it’s the same gamble we all take regardless of going rainbow or mono. Regardless of what style team you like to use, you will see plenty of boards that you win or lose, but if you would have went with a different type of team you would have gotten the sae result faster, or got the opposite result.
IT’S ALL RNG, so it really doesn’t matter if you go rainbow, 3-2, mono, 2-2-1 etc. You will either get the tiles you need, when and where you need them, or you won’t. Please don’t come back at me with percentages of tile appearance rates and other things like that because you are correct and it doesn’t matter or change anything. It is RNG so on average your percentages are correct, but on a board by board basis they are meaningless. Plus the more you color stack the fewer tiles you need so it actually balances out for every style from rainbow to mono percentage wise based on averages.

Each team format is a different play style, enjoy the game how you want, and I will enjoy the game the way I want. I can easily say those who go 3-2 don’t know how to make a great mono team and they are forced to use a 3-2. I mean if you want to go tit for tat it can be done. But I am not doing that. If you like 3-2 use it, I have and will use it once in a while. If you like rainbow, use it. If you like 3-1-1 then use it. Just don’t act superior or criticize people who have a different play style than you who don’t agree with your team formats.

now you do realize this is an odd statement. Heroes that counter that defense.
Lets see 2 fiend makers - nope no current counter to them except a healer or spawning multiple minions
roostleys chain effect, nope no counter for that except a dead hero in the middle.
revive ? yeah no counter to that either
over heal - not quite counterable
stacks - what there’s one or two heroes that can remove stacks in the game.

SO maybe its a language barrier and the word counter means something different to you.

But cleanse or dispell heroes are not gonna work here to counter the abilities of those heroes.
There are plenty of ways to defeat this team. One way is mono tile damage, another in mana locking, hp lowering etc etc. what difference does it make how you beat it?


:thinking: We think we are playing the game but really RNG is playing with us lol.

Everyone has a different way of playing this game and tbh the end result is always the same no matter what happens you will win some and you will loose some.

Not even the X files team can solve RNGs randomness :joy:. So why waste time trying to work it out :man_shrugging:t3:.


I am starting to wonder is this post about why people chose to use mono or something else.
The reason people use mono is simple, the game is designed for mono offense and rainbow defense. It’s literally coded into everything, spend some time reading up on the damage calculation thread. Look at all the elemental links. Look at all the awesome pairs and trios within a color that synergize so well. Look at all the elemental defense down heroes in the game. Mono works and that is why people use it.

Now if this is about why all those heroes you spent money on are being beat by mono teams full of S1 heroes that can be obtained for free, then that’s another discussion. The answer is S1 heroes rock and are still relevant no matter how much money you spend on the game. They are the core of the game and everything since them is based off their abilities and stats. Many of the newer heroes synergize great with S1 heroes and compliment their skills.


Yes I have. Do I do it Often? NO

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Why are you mad Matt? I created the post to see what strategies or thoughts on this and just to Hear from you All. Like dude You wrote a whole bible this is Just for FUN I’m not judging anyone. Have fun And Happy Gaming Pal.

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Not mad. tired of people disrespecting other people’s play style.
like you are doing here:

ITS RNG there’s no guarantee any way you go will give you the tiles when and where you need them.

You wanted to know why mono. It’s been thoroughly explained by myself and others.

SO unless there is some language barrier going on, regardless of how you meant it, you post comes off as arrogant and you are showing off. I am starting to think there is a bit of a language barrier going on. So I gave you the benefit of the doubt and figured you were actually curious as the reason for mono. SO I told you why people use mono.

But I am getting sick and tired of the holier than thou attitudes about mono. GET OVER IT PEOPLE. Play your way, I’ll play mine.
Find me a thread where a bunch of people who play mono look down upon those who don’t. But there’s plenty of threads where people who don’t go mono say crap about mono

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You are correct I believe you and mono players got it wrong! Any ways Again Happy gaming. God Bless

Mono or die!


I have multiple mono teams with Yellow and Blue being my best.

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Hahahhahahahaha this is the Attitude thisis just a game happy Gaming! :rofl::+1:t3:

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You’re not going to win here with the masses. You are a 1%er with how you play. Like you, I always attack and play with all elements. As a matter a fact we are a lot alike with the way we use our terminology and your wording is very similar to mine and I am assuming your name comes from Akumas super move from street fighter?

I’d love to see your work from one. Too bad we can’t private message on this forum (and I am not a really frequent flyer honestly not sure why I came to check out forums today) but I am glad I did and very happy to know I am not the only one that plays like you. Would love to chat some time and see you play!

I won’t go into the OP’s intention with this topic, but having played mono extensively and then having played all sorts of other configurations (including 1 mono team per war) I can definitely say - in the context of being my personal opinion and experience - that RNG and bad boards impact mono to a much greater extent than they do when you play other styles. If you have a well synergised rainbow team then there are far fewer boards that would be considered “bad”, although of course they do happen. Conversely when runing mono any board that has less than say 6 tiles to start, or has tiles in the wrong places, or doesn’t feed you the right color in time, or under the tank… that could be considered a bad board. And by the laws of probability you get those bad boards far more frequently.

I still lose when playing 3/2, or 3/1/1, or 2/1/1/1 or rainbow. But almost every time I do I can trace it back to team selection, hero weakness (playing with a 3/70) or an error in judgment in terms of when/how to fire specials, or at times tile play. Very rarely do I think a board was unwinnable and I lost because RNG didn’t give me the tiles I needed. With mono there are more unwinnable boards. And of course you can win with a bad starting board - last 2 wars I won with my mono teams with 2 and 3 tile starting boards respectively.

And I don’t think that you don’t need strategy or to choose your teams well or to play well when you play mono - you most certainly do. But the further off mono you go, the higher the level of strategy and the better synergised your heroes need to be.

I would never tell a player how to play their game. But in my alliance if someone is struggling and it is because with their roster they are only able to get inconsistent results with mono then I would encourage them to explore the other options.


:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and yet he plays the innocent and saying just wanna hear from everyone. The title itself is provoking enough.

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