Do players know how to use their Heroes?

I get hit with lots of mono teams, usually lower level who can’t pull off a 3/2 I assume. I don’t like going mono myself because I usually can’t get the tiles… some manage somehow

F2P player, sometimes do 3/2 depends on the revenge, but mostly mono. Im assuming players know about Elemental Link?? Kinda works well with Mono :thinking::rofl::rofl:
Id give your team a thrashing with either of these!

All depends on the Board Gods :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


That first team should be able to more consitently give a harder thrashing than the red team

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Personally I mono just to get a quick kill as I’m usually filling a chest. I don’t want to get into a 10 minute slugfest. Quick death or glory is fine by me.

For you I’d probably bring my mono purple or mono yellow to smash one of the wings and then work in from there.

I win a lot more than I lose anyways


I had always been going 4-1 until recently when my yellow team became 3-1-1, ditching Thor for Garnet. Win rate is around 95%.

If the tank is Sif or Krampus and the like, +20 costumed Melendor replaces either Garnet or Ariel.

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I would see a few problem scenarios, the first being Krampus/Sif/C Kad combinations - particularly C Kad. If she fires before C Sabina then you are already in struggle town as you are unlikely to dispel 4 or 5, and if Krampus and either of the other two fire first then C Sabina can only save you from one, although you can probably wait C Kad out.

Do you mainly go for double formations where Hel can reach all 5? If not the other problem scenario is if you have hitters/ d down on both wings and you are only able to shut down one. Or if a key hero resists at the wrong time.

The two teams I use most have Onatel and Proteus together so I can shut down multiple areas if needed, and the other has Alfrike and Chakky and C Mel so I can manage dispels and buff preventions if Alfrike misses a key buffer. Both teams generally come with either Grimble or Malicna

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For raids and wars I have been 4/1. I need the tile damage to assist in taking heroes out and I pick them off with specials.

Raid wise I’m.lazy… I use 4/1 purple plus gullinbursti. 3 purples stay the same, costume rigard, seshat, and lepiota. The last I swap between grimble, domitia plus costume bonus, and ursena. For your defense I’d use domitia. Ursena I’ve been fading away from unless multiple yellow, a 2nd direct damage is generally more effective cause the yellow can often die from tiles anyway.

I used to mono but the double healer is a counter to fiends, usually I can have a healer ready to clear those off when they fire.

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I love This Unfortunately I can’t do that because of wars titan en POV but as soon as I’m done with All that I’ll definitely Come to you. Good Stuff bud! :pray:t3::+1:t3:


It is for me Not every one likes it buy I LOVE it I use my brain and heros accordingly and of course I respect everyone play style I don’t judge Iñjust curiosity on my end . :smiley:

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Understanding roster & playing is a constant learning…

My favourite RaiD formation is 3-1-1 or at times 2-2-1 : mainly driven by Gazelle… since 16 out of my 20 months playing this game ! (War I play 3-2 though)…

Few fun raids / friendly battles using mono teams have been silly results = don’t find mono-play worth it for now, though I have alliance mates do a lot of mono play despite not great troops ! Guess its the style / habit thinG !

I lack patience in planning teams that synC well together & mainly take cleanse - dispel - buff booster - taunt - ailment block combo … & use board play (tiles & hero specials) to WiN !
Having Gazelle’s craZy buff makes 3 same colour heroes become 5 (mono power) = 3 direct tiles finish off +20 heroes, including a Krampus with taunt on ! (Magic team is : Gazelle - Heimdall - FriGG - LoLo - Hatter)
This habit, I am tryinG to change by using a new team led by BK - PL combo which still lacks Gazelle - Heimdall magic combo… BuT my L23 help speed the heroes charging up !

I am however improving my ability to understand my roster & make in the moment decisions of a well synced team for play = Work in Progress ! :grinning:

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filler text so i don’t get hit by a potential spam filter for just replying with a link :joy:

With the proper board anyone can beat anyone.

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Love this! Keep that! And Remember is what suits your gameplay everyone is free to work with whatever they have. It is good to see this! :hugs:


Also Very true but there are times where You have to Dig out the Gems RNG won’t just throw it

You can’t really be so naive as to really, really believe that… actually most don’t. The heroes you display there are top of the food chain powered up by lvl30 mana troops. These heroes are restricted to a very select circle of big spenders. Of course, one might get lucky on a 10 pull or free tokens pull and get one of them, two maybe, but for the overwhelming majority of players, having all heroes you display there is as likely to happen as winning the lotery. I’d say, no more than 5000 accounts out of over a million active have all those heroes.

As for raiding rainbow… I’ll pass on that… I raid mostly 2/1/1, but also 3/2, 4/1, mono depending on the enemy, but never rainbow, as long as I have other options. Rainbow tile damage is insignifiant and mana charging all heroes takes eons…


Yep, C Kad can be problematic if she goes off first…but I have two dispels to try and shake that dodge (Domitia and C Sabina) or I can wait it out. If BK/Krampus fire first it’s not generally a problem because, again, I have the two dispellers. Fire Domitia, then C Sabina and I’m rolling.

Really like I said: Elizabeth/Hannah are the scary ones to me. A standard formation Elizabeth tank is the hardest team to beat for me…LOL

Yeah. Ariel, hel, and Hannah are a dime a dozen. I just fed 3 of each to my Dawa. SMH.

A solid healer or reviver is the answer for fiends. Mother North removes one fiend per charge. Garnet will remove 1 fiend when charged to 3. She removes noticeable life off a fiend and they are easier to deal with at charge 1.

SMART! and that my friends is one way to deal with that. But Again you’ll have A lot of players complaining. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

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What a way to flex and degrade, congrats.

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