Do players know how to use their Heroes?

Hello, All.

I’ve Notice In order to beat my defense Players tend to go Mono,4/1 or 3/2. And I usually revenge with my own defense All elements! I do believe if you have a good use of your heroes you can Beat any defense no matter the LB or the hero its just a thought and would love to know what you guys think about.

This is My current Defense until I can LB Onyx.!


Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Not sure if this some wierd flex but yeah I suppose if you have leet heros and troops congrats?


Not at all I just want to know if this Happens more often than Usual. I posted the defense for the public to see that is not Difficult at all its just a matter of Bringing the righ heros to Counter attacks. That’s all. Like why Mono? Why 3/2, 4/1. You can beat that defense. I understand not everone has lots of heros to counter but I’m pretty sure most do.

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Would say no most can’t beat that defense reliably I’d say 75% maybe but boards would need to help me. I’m f2p and I have some good heros after 3 some years but would still take mono blue or red.


And by 75% I can beat it would say maybe 25% or less of avg player could. Think you been with high rollers for a bit too long seeing ideal defenses. But most people don’t have multiple 30 levels troops or even multiple 23 level to change tile needs


That defense kills themselves if you really think about it. Notice I’ve raided Mono and Nothing happens but when I do these Defense Board its just beautiful specially when cascades :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. I just wanted to know what People think about this mono /4/1 thing.

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I always mono. Prefer it yeah bit more board reliant of course but Need the tile dmg

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I understand :pray:t3::+1:t3: But I don’t have multiple Troops just Recently leveled them up. Thanks for your point of view.

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some people just prefer to play the game a certain way. it’s a chore sometimes to change up heroes, and even if you max out team slots, depending on how you use them, you’ll only have so many possibilities for so many different kinds of raiding teams.

my current raid defense TP is around 4k, off the top of my head. all heavily emblemed 4* heroes in a double formation. i’ve noticed that players who don’t stack colors tend to lose against it more often than players who go 3/2, 4/1, or mono, and i know why that happens.

i hate playing rainbow because it’s such a different way to play the board, and depending on cascades to be able to charge multiple heroes in time just isn’t how i want to play the game. it’s not fun to me, and it’s a dangerous way to attack a team like yours where it’s difficult to take down any one of your heroes if multiple attack heroes don’t charge at the same time.

your defense is one of the bigger “pick your poison” defenses out there. you can take out one and the rest can still pose huge problems even if you’re able to knock out two or three heroes. and even if you take out four of them, Heimdall can bring them all back–sure, it’s not likely, but it’s not impossible either.

so yes, your defense is difficult to attack, even with the right heroes and the right board–and by “the right board,” i just mean something workable, not something that works entirely in favor of the attacking player.


By far I salute you Downsempires! :+1:t3: I get your point believe me. I’m just saying its not imposible to beat I do most of the revenge With All colors I like the difficulty of the team and what can I do to Overcome that with the right heroes of course.

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Said better than I could

To answer the thread title, the answer is no. Look at the number of generic “is this hero good” posts. Look at the polls for how strong a hero is.


Raiding in rainbow is pretty inefficient and depends on good combos. It can work with the right team composition but usually leads to very long battles. When you use multiple heroes of the same color on a offense team, the tile damage is more than the summation of the attack stats of the heroes. There is a multiplicative factor and that increases the more you use of the same color. That’s why mono team tiles get so strong. A good balance is somewhere around 3-2 or 4-1, maybe even 3-1-1. That’s the reason higher level players don’t attack with rainbow teams for the most part.


3-2 or 4-1 has been the most efficient for me. Plus, I’m lazy. I have a 4-1 team that I use on every raid and it has a 95% win rate regardless of the team I face. Why swap up the team if I have that success (unless I’m trying out a new hero)?

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Do all players know how to use their heroes? Absolutely not. Some raid mono because that is the only way they know how to raid, and don’t know how to synergise more efficiently without stacking heavily.

Does everyone who runs mono/4/1 not know how to use their heroes? Absolutely not. I play with many top level players who stack heavily and get good results.

Personally I went off mono a long time ago. For me it was a stop-gap measure when I didn’t have a very deep/deveopled roster, and I tried to move in the direciton of rainbow as soon as i was able to. There was a transition period where most of my wars sucked before I finally found a good tipping point - which wasn’t about getting 6 rainbow war teams but rather getting 6 teams where I could (mainly) rely on 3+ colors to to succeed in a raid, with 1 or 2 mono/heavy stacking teams because they are the best teams I have left over at that stage. After the dip in wars I found my war score average went up significantly and I attribute a large part of that to not having to rely on mono teams and that one color which can at times be elusive. I have dipped below a score of 200 once in the last 30 wars which shows I rarely have “horrible” wars and again the main part of that is because I am not so board depenent.

@dawnsempires I actually feel you will do very well when it comes to a non-stacking style of play. It is slightly more strategic than heavy stacking, and when you have the roster for it you will succeed - if that is the direction you want to go. It is not about getting cascades it is about properly sequencing your specials, and where possible getting multiple colors in each move (but not cascades). Team selection and team synergy become even more important. Most of my teams are composed of mana controllers and healers, I have very few significant damage dealers - so it is about controlling the board, stopping the enemy from using their specials and keeping me alive. Matches do tend to go for longer but personally I enjoy that.

If you want to share your roster sometime I would be happy to discuss some non stacking options for you to try out. One major benefit of running rainbow or close to rainbow is that because it is a significantly different style of play it almost feels like playing a new game, which injects some fresh fun into the game


AMEN! YOU SIR HAVE MY RESPECT!!! This is what I mean there’s a high level of players which can Only play that Way. I’ve seen teammates Score 1-7 10’s why MONO. Meanwhile I guarantee if you do at lease 3/1/1 / 2/2/1 you’ll ger Much better results than going Mono.

In my opinion Mono players are Gamblers if you score a good board you win if you don’t Bye bye and then you get the The team is too strong or I got bad Board.

I personally Love to raid against frigg,odin team The board gets Full of Greens/Holy For that My best bet is 2/2/1 just saying when it comes to war.

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There is an element of higher risk higher reward in mono, absolutely. Live and die by mono is the saying. But if you are highly successful with it and enjoy it, I guess there is no reason to change. I changed from it because I was not happy that I wasn’t scoring as consistently high as I wanted to.

I do still use at least one mono per war. Here are a couple of examples that show that a “bad” starting board in mono is not necessarily the end. You still need strategy in mono and you still need to play well, I just think there is a bit more strategy required in multi colours.


Thats impressive, what team do you use?

I get aroiund 85% but I have to match my teams to the defense I am playing

I say thats BS, unless you have the top of the top heroes and even so, the game stacks so much against the attacker that the boards make it impossible to have such a win ratio.
Its too bad the game doesn’t give that stat.

I am a F2P and my win ratio for raids is probably in the 20% but granted I dont have the latest shiny heroes to play with.


I prefer to attack with mono, would attack you with :

Frosth will boost the mana and has a chance to replace fiends with his minions.
Otherwise it will be crucial to kill your Elisabeth and the slayer as fast as possible, that’s easiest with mono. Dependent on the board I would succeed in 60-80% of the cases.
If you would like to join my alliance, Empire Titans , for a little while, I would do 5 friendly attacks, record them and publish them here.
With rainbow my success rate would be 0-20%, I have only 20 maxed 5* heroes.

Are you game?


It’s not that exotic of a team. I use Ariel, Hannah, C Sabina, Hel, Domitia with Costume bonus. Hannah fires in 2 matches and keeps the team alive via the permanent attack down. There are a LOT of Krampus/BK teams out there as well as C Kadilen and Sabina makes them tile dumps. If they fire before Sabina, at least Hannah kills their attack buffs. I’m always 6/6 or 5/6 with my raid flags. Been #1 recently a few times even. Maybe it’s 90% win rate instead of 95%…in any case, it’s high enough to not worry about changing up my team. The losses come really if an Elizabeth hits me early and I can’t charge my team with that 3rd purple match due to the mana slow. Ariel can save me in that case if she resists (cleric) or I had blues that match, but not always.

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