Do people still farm 5-8 for backpacks

Actually I farm 9-10, normal because it gives the best xp / flag during Atlantis.

I don’t farm for backpacks because I have plenty of them, even tho’ my TC 2 for more than a year and I still have a queue of 244 days.

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S2 1-5,1-6 both normal and hard amazing for backpacks


I just re-read your post. Thanks for this suggestion @RandaPanduh! :+1:

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indeed thanks to all sharing knowledge here. that is a lot of flasks per AR, mind-bogglingly so! now I know the secret :slight_smile:


Personally, just like RandahPanduh, I have had the best luck during AR on 1-2 N. However, and this sounds strange I know :rofl:…when I play the level over and over and over as I do in AR I’ll come upon streaks of 3-5 times in a row I’ll get 0. What I started to do when I have a level when I received 0 was switch it up for a few levels and then go back to 1-2 after. Doing this, the most I’ve had in a row is 2. Probably all circumstantial, but at least it alleviates the annoyance of getting 0 back to back on the same level :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Also, I save my Flasks and Loot tickets for AR. I have built it up to keep 3 TC’s running TC2. To get to this I would build out 1 TC2 to have it run for 2 months before starting and building out another (while keeping the 1st at 2 months as well) My safety net is that if I would be too sick or something to play much during a month of AR then I would pull the month left from my 3rd TC2 and put it into my 1st TC 2 (while switching the 3rd over to something else). I also make backpacks nonstop in AL now, and between that and other sources during the month between AR, I can keep my 1st TC2 up above 60 days. I also find that farming AR for backpacks gives me more than enough of all other farmable items. AR for me is almost nonstop :rofl:…but this has now allowed me have all the items I want to play the rest of the month and not have to worry about anything getting remotely close to running out :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

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