Do people still farm 5-8 for backpacks

I’ve been getting very little backpacks from there,

The rate has been steady over the last four years… There are just streaks between different players, track it over several months and it will even out.

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I think later data showed that every stage in province 5 is good for backpacks. If I’m farming to fill a chest I use 5-6 for the extra mob wave

Never farm season 1 anymore.
S1 - 14 Has best for nuggets and crude iron it’s pretty pants. :woman_shrugging:
Farm season 2 always for backpacks and crude iron, even out of AR. 1-8 or 12-10 does me good
Season 3 ain’t found a spot better as yet.

I used to fame season 2 1-8 hard but do you do normal?

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Yeah just do normal.

I get most of my backpacks from Atlantis Rises.


Farm 5-8 til you have enough BP to make it til next AR

Then during AR, I’d suggest auto-farming 1-2N, as it’s super quick - getting most BP for time spent - that you’ll have a stockpile of BP in no time

(Or 1-9N if you need more monsters/poison/XP)

Eventually, if you follow this, you’ll have enough of a stockpile [of BP] where you no longer have to farm for em specifically, and can focus your attention elsewhere :relaxed:


Am i doing something wrong? I spent 18 WE flasks, at 42 WE a piece, mostly in 1-2 of S2 and i only got about 700-800 backpacks. about 1 per WE, which is better than i’ve found anywhere else. nowhere close to multiple thousands of them, though.

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How many refills you use per Atlantis

I’m the same with this. I farm 1-8 in AR used 14 flasks (cap w.e is44) and I am only set for another 9 days. Never have figured out how people have entire months of TC2, unless it’s just that I don’t farm at all in non AR times (Hate playing levels I’ve already done, and can’t stand having my phone sitting with autoplay)

15 - 20 flasks per Atlantis. I get most of them from monthly events.


I’m 48 WE I use around 25-30 flasks per atlantis plus a level up and various WE, get enough for a month think it’s 1400 yah need.
Using alot of flasks is what you need.

Ages ago I set my tc2 back to a tc11 for a month after AR saved the backpacks then did another AR then changed it back to a tc2 so I had over stock pile of backpacks (as my tc2 run out and had to use all me feeders).
This could be a solution but still need to farm for backpacks in between to get a steady tc2 running non stop. Or get more flasks.
My tc2

Left overs


But the question is where do I farm right now,

I only got 4 days left on tc2

Some people say farm 5-8 other say farm season 2 1-8 normal

Both have an ‘increased chance’ but that’s never been definitively explained.

Neither have a guaranteed drop, go 50:59 if you’re not sure.


I save 95% of my flasks specifically for AR. I do buy offers with flasks (imo those are the most attractive), but I also play daily. So I typically see at least 50 flasks per month thru game-play and offers, and use anywhere from 40-60 per AR.

My BP Situation

I no longer farm for BP, and haven’t for almost a year now. Instead, I focus on XP, and enough BP come that I can run two TC2’s full of em regardless

If you play daily, and willing to grind, you should see an average of ~20 flasks a month [freely] no problem. Not enough to stock-pile so you can focus your attention elsewhere (less that’s all you farm for 24/7), but enough to get you thru til the next AR. Instead, I find the 30-40 flask mark sufficient for stockpiling personally; wasn’t til my average flasks used matched that - along with diligent, consistent farming of 1-2 for several months - before I could focus my attention elsewhere

Btw, right now, I’m @ level 86 with 60 WE flags

An example from 2020

I used to track my AR farming (in 2020), and last July I farmed 1-2 the entire time, and used 41 flasks (@ level 70, so like 51 flags?!) Ended getting 2050 BP for it (so I continued to do so til I felt sufficiently stocked, using 30-40 flasks everytime).

Prior to that, I’d split up farming between avatars, BP and RC, so doing so with ~30 flasks would land me around 1100 BP (enough to get by, but hardly enough to stock-pile). This was at level 67-68 (so maybe 50 flags). Learned here that if I wanted BP stocked, it had to be my main and only focus.

WE Flasks

These are obviously gonna be important for stockpiling too. Especially during AR. As ideally, you wanna have your auto-play busy auto-farming 24/7 (less you’re sleeping :wink:).


  • 13 from challenge events (one right away, six for completing each tier, and six for placing in the second to last tier)
  • One flask from free PoV, another four from paid
  • Earn at least 5-10 every month from chests/titans/war loot


  • $30 ToL offer gives ya 10
  • $30 VF offer gives ya 10
  • $30 S4 offer gives ya 10
  • $10 Challenge event offer gives ya 5
  • $10 AR offer gives ya 3
  • $10 Raining loot tickets gives ya 1
  • $5 offer (on now) gives ya 1 (3 Max)

+ There’s a ton more, but the above all are consistent sources if you’re willing to pay (most come with gems and summons too - and those ones are my kind of offers personally)


What stage did you do specifically to get all those is AR?

Thanks for all this information, friends!!!

Can I ask: when you farm AR, are you using LOOT TICKETS to get all of these backpacks? Or are you just clicking the AUTOPLAY button? Or is it maybe a combination of both?

Both. I autofarm after i run out of loot tickets.

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