Do over button


Can the devs add a do over button to the titan flags?


Are you asking for some kind of flag credit? How would this not be abused? Just asking.



No. I mean 1 do over per 3 flags or something like that. I think it would be fun, if one hit was really bad that we could have one chance to hit a better hit, but only 1 of the two hits would be counted.


It would be a chance like everything else in the game. No guarantees


I have several 4* heroes and I enjoy trying different combinations, but it is hard with few flags. A do over would not change the amount of flags we get. It would just give us one chance to get a better hit occasionally. What do you think Rook?


I get bad hits all the time (last night was a trio of 6k each, for example).

I’m not sure I would be for this change, since—me personally—a do over would raise my hopes, maybe more than it should: If I got a 4th 6k on my do over, it would prolly piss me off. :grin:

I’m not keen on adding anything to the game that will piss me off. :wink:


This seems like a change that would take quite a lot of resources to implement, but that would be of interest and use to only a tiny proportion of players. I suppose it would be a bit like giving Isarnia new pants: broadly harmless but really not worth the effort.


Ha ha Worth the effort… where have I heard those words before? Oh yes. I hear those words in a lot of complaints just playing this game. You are probably right. Another chance in this game might not be taken well. Thank you for you input rook. Happy gaming! :smile:


I beg to differ :face_with_monocle:

Isarnia pants are my new goal in life right now.


Moved to Ideas & Feature Requests. :face_with_monocle: :grin:


The way I see it, we get 6 shots at every Titan, and there are only 5 Titan colors, so we get lots of chances to experiment with our teams already.

Any change like this will increase average scores, and so trigger an increase in Titan HP, making it that much harder to take down.


It would not need to increase average scores.