Do not spend on this game. it is not gaming but gambling

Hey folks,

I would like to share my experience of the game with you before you decide to spend on it.

This game is now P2W and not F2P. If you do not have any deep pockets, then just forget about it…

Loot is nerfed on everything, titan to normal quests, if you do not spend you will never get the materials you need.

And do not get me started on summoning…
The chance of event or featured 5* heroes are supposedly 1.3%… They are not…
I did over 170 pulls last Avalon event for Guinevere and did not received any event 5* heroes… Only received 2 5* heroes.
Did over 180 pulls last 2 Atlantis summoning period, again no event 5heroes… Not even one 5 hero, including hotm…

Small Giant doors not deserve your custom… They do not care about you.

When they’re is a bug they recognised is their fault, they do not compensate you and expect you to accept it and hand over your money.

If Small Giant was a store, they would have gone under a long time ago.

I am a very angry customer, I know that… Simply stay away from this game… It is not worth spending on… You may as well gamble for real… At least you have a chance to win something. Here worth Small Giant, you are simply handing your money to them on a silver platter.



I hope players do take time to read this post.


And now I tell you what follows, several players, who do not spend a cent and parasitize the game, but they get everything every second and third, because in this game you look at the spending history to see who can steal more, they’ll mess with you and the developers, ungrateful, will not move a finger and will continue to give them hotms. Not only are you right, but I have been playing games for many years, always helping economically, and this has the worst managers, real pirates and the worst deal. Just parasite, playing for free you will fall heroes 5 * and hotm, when they see that they can not steal you anymore.


It is quite interesting how you tell us this game is pay2win then proceed to tell us how you paid a lot but did not win, This seems fairly contradictory?


Simply because I have paid a lot over a small period of time…
You cannot argue that the drop rates are simply ridiculous and will therefore hopefully deter people from spending hopefully. That is exactly what SG deserve.
As I said, this is not gaming but gambling


If you don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, then by all means don’t spend money on the game. You can still do quite well in the game with a few TC20s and a lot of patience. :slightly_smiling_face:


That would be true if only TC20 stats were good but they are terrible… In almost 200 trainings, I have received only 6 5*… A pure joke again

And I do not see who could be saying they are getting their money worth spending on this game… You simply gamble and get nothing back. This is not gaming but gambling.

It is time for the developers to start changing the way they treat their customers… The community deserves better. They have made loads of money. Start now by being more generous instead of being so stingy and greedy. These developers have no notion of what being human means, Petri included…
When I suffer a bug they admitted, Petri did nothing at all to help… I lost 2600 gems and did not get what I was summoning… Got no fair compensation and certainly did not get my gems back… SG are terrible company and should not be allowed to treat their customers that way… I wish they were a physical store… People would have not returned and they would have gone under… They are lucky that this type of business is not properly regulated…


If it was an actual gambling game, then you would have to pay to play. No one is forcing you to spend money. It’s teaching you to have patience. Obviously something you have none of. Coming on here griping because you didn’t get what you wanted, is so contradicting. You tell everyone not to spend money, but yet you spent money. Lol. I’ve been playing this game since 2nd week it was released. Also TC20’s have a decent chance at giving you a 5star. if you don’t like the game, then by all means stop playing. But to tell someone that this game is a pay2win game is incorrect. I’m pretty sure @Rook or @Petri will agree with me on this. Yes the Devs are making money. It’s part of the business. It’s funny how you spent money and tell folks not too. Lol. That’s why it’s a random draw. It helps make them money. Lol


Proud “parasite” here! You all have heads on your shoulders- so use them to think. Should you spend money on gambling or for bills/ food or something you want? Gaming on the whole has gone downhill in the last five years. It is incomprehensible to me how people could spend real money on loot boxes or cosmetic items like the weapon skins in CS:GO. Seems to me people either have too much money or they are just kids that don’t know how much work goes in making money. So the more people spend on weapons skins, loot boxes, “gems” or “gold” or whatever and pre orders the worse it’s going to get for gaming.


Let’s say (even though it clearly doesn’t work this way!) that for every 100 heroes, 1 would be a 5* hero if the odds were 1%.

The odds are 1.3%. This means that for every 76 heroes, 1 would be a 5* hero. 170/76 = 2.2. Having received two 5* heroes is then considered to be exactly in line with the odds!

This clearly isn’t in line with the odds, but well…gambling at it’s finest. Auch, I’m sorry. :cry:

They have compensated us with an extra special event (3* & 4* ascension materials) for having to update the game twice in a short period of time, very recently. They also sometimes give us the occasional ‘‘flask’’ for compensation. While someone may argue about what compensation should be given for certain bugs etcetera, I think that giving us the extra special event can be considered as very generous.

It all depends on the purpose for which you play this game. What do you want to achieve?

When it comes to becoming (one of) the best, then spending money (potentially a lot) helps considerably. Of course you are still dependent on the odds, but the more money you spend the more opportunities you create with these odds. But it has often been demonstrated by many players that you do not have to spend a lot of money to become very competitive. Patience, intelligence and perseverance are key skills for both type of players.

Lately they are regularly interacting with us and listening to what needs we have. They do care about us. If you only base that on disappointing summon results / rarity of ascension materials, then you are not honest with yourself and SGG. These are the two aspects of the game that create distinction and in my opinion must continue to create this distinction well.

At some point I agree that it might not be worth it (or way less worth it) to spend on summoning heroes. The odds of summoning ‘‘great’’ heroes are small. Once your bench is deep, you will only need some specific heroes. The odds of summoning a few specific heroes you want, within the odds of summoning ‘‘great’’ heroes, are even lower. It is then almost always the case that the results will disappoint greatly, but you always have control over whether or not you let that happen.

Do not spend on this game, might for this case be a valuable piece of advice indeed. :man_shrugging:

As for other ways to spend money, they might still be worth it (a lot) at some points during your E&P carreer if you decide to spend. Package deals, expanding hero bench capacity, refills etc.


The formula is
(1 - (1-.99^100))/100 or 63.4% chance of getting at least one 5* in 100 pulls if the odds are 1%

But yes, this is gambling with FAR worse odds than vegas. I’ve spent around $300 over 16 months (a pittance compared to the whales) and at this point, I won’t spend more than a few bucks here and there (generally when gems are half a cent). I also have double builder. When I save up enough gems for a 10x, I’ll go for it. Did an atlantis one yesterday. Got 9 3* and a cyprian. Most of the long timers in my alliance have either recently quit because of the ridiculous odds or have vowed to spend no more money. I hope like hell SGG is starting to feel it in the pocketbook.


Thank you for correcting me @marlenus . I assume it is true, but I have no idea. Haha. :wink:

The point is still the same. Odds are low. Odds stay low even if you spend tons of money. You can either be very lucky and obtain ‘‘all of them’’ or very unlucky and have your bench filled with only 3* and 4* heroes. :man_shrugging:

But nevertheless I find quitting the game, because of the ridiculous odds an equal ridiculous action.

During your first few months it is worth to spend money on summons. You will most likely get some heroes you did not have every now and then, so your return on investment is fine. Then once you have build one or multiple TC20’s, it might be smart to spend less money on summons or nothing at all. With patience, enough heroes will roll out in order for you to make progress attack- and defensive-wise. Spending money on summons will most likely lead to disappointment. Complaining or even leaving the game over the summoning odds during these stages is a ridiculous action for me.

Then once you have made progress, you might hit a ‘‘wall’’ and need certain specific heroes in order to progress more. I understand that it might take forever and a lot of money to climb over this wall. Summoning will lead to pure disappointment almost always, unless SGG introduces new heroes (such as Atlantis heroes) which will give you new opportunities IF you can obtain them.

But then I think it is debatable if players should quit playing over this matter.

  1. I understand that not making progress any longer, without spending tons of money (most likely), is not attractive and a reason to quit.
  2. I understand that SGG has implemented the current system, so that the rarity of certain heroes is guaranteed. This ensures that ‘‘spenders’’ (or very lucky ones) create the most chances to be truly top-competitive. I think that is entirely justified based on the business model of SGG. Nevertheless, it has been proven you don’t have to spend a lot to be top-competitive. It surely helps of course, but with patience one reaches far ahead of others.

So yes, the question remains… should there be a way for players to progress further after hitting ‘‘the wall’’ without having to spend a lot of money?

I can not provide an easy answer or an answer which satisfies all three: SGG, F2P and ‘‘spenders’’.

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Ugh, this again.

If you download this game and make one summon without realising the gambling aspect in advance, you only have yourself to get angry at.

If you make thousands more and still don’t clock on to it, you only have yourself to get angry at.

If a store opened that could convince people to throw £thousands per month for something that has literally zero real world value, they wouldn’t be shut down, they’d be lauded as business geniuses.

You only have to take a passing glance at the raiding top 100 or challenge event rankings to realise that it’s all about who is the best equipped, and the game makes absolutely no secret of how to get that.
If you want gameplay with guaranteed gratification, you could have bought a PlayStation and a lifetime of games with linear end points for the same money you’ve spent on one Avalon weekend. There are far worse games than this one out there, but you can’t blame the creators for your problems. Sure, they offered you a shovel, but they didn’t force you to dig your own grave.


There is no gambling to this game what-so-ever. There is a chance element but there is chance other games such as Monopoly, Mario Cart, Candy Crush etc etc. It’s not gambling

When you spend real world money on Gems…you get gems.

What you use those gems for is up to you. If you use them to get known quantities of items such as flags, avatars, pots etc; that is what you get.

Should you choose to use them for a summons to get a hero…you get a hero. You ‘Win’ every time. This is not gambling. There is a chance you may get a high value hero or the hero you are after and there is a chance you may not but you always get something.

When I go to vegas and buy chips, I get chips. Guess I’m not gambling there either. Good to know.


You are incorrect. At any given time you can find at least one f2p player in the top 100 and sometimes the top 10. That makes this game not pay 2 win. Pay to win games are games where you can spend money to have a crushing advantage over those who don’t, there simply is no such thing in this game.

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When you spend chips and lose at blackjack they don’t give you a consolation prize.


no, you are right But is that if we look at the drop rate of the forum f2p is much higher than the fee and that was in the top 10, had, without spending a cent, 2 or 3 hotm and a stellar team that should not have. If with 30 invocations, again and again, and with more players do not have hotms and 5 * and you see normal, an ftp, in a less corrupted game, would not have any.

I’m f2p and my one and only 5 star since March is Alasie. I’ve never spent a cent on this game. I pulled HOTM on my 4th or 5th summons draw and got a Kiril to boot who happened to be my 2nd 4 star. Saying that f2p players are excluded from “strong heroes” is wrong. By the way some of the strongest heroes in the game are available from TC20. Some real desirable ones off the top of my head are Lianna, Vivica, Sartana and Marjana. All those also have a recurring theme, they frequent top 100 teams.


Its a casino. No doubts about it.