Do not spend money to this stupid game they Want only your money and time disgusting a player in lvl 30 has stronger team than i i am at lvl 54

I am lvl 33 and someone lvl32 had better team than me. Almost 10 TP more than my highest team. Disgusting! Do not spend time or money! Such a stupid game.



20 Aifes ftw

Funny how salty people get becasue they lose a arean fight… what do you expect if you start to play a game with both FTP or P2W… the P2W players have always an advantage about the FTP players… but this doesn’t mean that you can’t kill them. how many players did you face in arena that had a better team and you won and you were happy as f*ck… i play with my 2700tp team against 2900-3100tp teams on a daily bases and it’s more than 50/50 chance that i can kill them even with a 3/2 color team with less than 2700tp… just learn more about the game and your heros and complain later. don’t take any offence :wink:

they could only higher the odds… to make FTP a bit more balanced. Cheers


I know players don’t know the abilities and heroes. But they like playing with puzzle. They constantly lose. And constantly shout what stupid game it is. Right… My question is: what are you doing here then? If the game is so stupid like you say? And again, I will use my favourite quote from Starcraft: sweet mother of mercy!

And you needed to reach lv. 54 to come to this conclusion?

Quite a late bloomer.


Strategy plays a big part in winning. You can’t win simply by having a higher level account and stronger heroes. Also, consider that everyone is trying their best to beat you as well.


Good point @Dale151and welcome to the forum.

Is unholy toilet your Alliance, or…?

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I recently tried starting a new Alliance with the remaining members of a dead Alliance. My attempt at this already feels like a failure, lol. I’m putting out my feelers on forums for a better path through this game for both me and my buddy.

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If you start a Recruitment thread and offer your services, you’ll have 20+ good offers by the end of the day.

If you’re TP is 3700+, you’ve got 40+ maxxed 4*/5* and happy to use Line, have a look at Misfit Toys.

But if you’re looking, you’ll be hugely in demand.

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@JonahTheBard Thanks for the info. My next step is to browse the recruitment section. I’m hoping that joining an Alliance with a +1 isn’t too far fetched by current Alliance standards. Btw, your hero lineup was interesting to look at. Thanks for sharing your f2p success.

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There’s a whole thread on “best f2p roster”. Some are shockingly good. @Brobb comes to mind.


Back to topic, what I don’t understand is: this game is the devs’ livelihood. Are they not allowed to make money doing their job?


Ok. Agree that the game should be making money, but let’s not get crazy and make it sound like poor devs need to put food on the table or something. We re talking about a corporation throwing billions of dollars around.

  1. I don’t see SGG throwing billions around.
  2. Zynga paid $500 million (not billion) to buy SGG. Corporate takeovers and mergers are an extremely complicated process. I’m sure the lion’s share of that was legal fees and Zynga shares. How much do you really think was cash, and how much do you think trickled down to the actual devs?
  3. AFAIK Zynga have no direct involvement right now in SGG, they are just the owners in the background.

Could someone hit me with a pound of 100’s already!!! :wink:

P.S I’ve tried being hit with a roll of quarters, can’t say that was enjoyable. Soft money only please


What happened with that game after last updates? Nothing is working as well as before, my players are weeker, mana loading is very slow even the card is speed, summon are some joke all the time only 3* cards, drama especially I have reached coins and diamond from playing lot of hours, when I buy the same incredibly irritating situation, titans 6 attacks when I have miki loaded and Grimm same time and nothing additionally couple blue schields… 6 attacks!!! That game is not attractive like year ago and all yours changes are not giving any hope that will be better in near future. I play almost 2 years and give you my money also, nothing special reached from you besides more and more rubbish… Is that your sytrategy to destroy Old members and giving better awards, items heroes new ones which will give you more money? What is the sytrategy, why you provide that unfair innovations? I am very dissapointed day after day

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For reasons I’ll never know (and I’ve tried) this thread seems to be permanently saved as my entry to the forum.

But reason for reply is I’d be interested to see a separate thread where you post your progress in Heroes as F2P from August 2019 to now.

I recall seeing your roster back then and it was very impressive to me at the time and kinda gave me hope that i just had to stick at it

I posted here again just recently :smiley:

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beat someone who spends money ?

yes it is very easy in this game

but only in raids

This is not possible in fables of Grimforest.

When was the last time a non-spending person was placed in the top 10 on this list?

I’m talking about these awards

Mort de rire !!! La stratégie !!! Tu es un petit clown ! Le PVP dans ce jeu comporte une énorme part de chance, on joue pas aux échecs ! Je connais mes personnages, j’analyse les pouvoirs de mes adversaires. Je joue contre des joueurs qui ont 300 a 400 de puissance de plus que moi. Ma meilleur équipe est 3400p de puissance. Mais si les briques du tableau (et c’est 8 fois sur 10 le cas … comme c’est étrange…) ne sont pas dans mes couleurs alors j’ai perdu d’avance.

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