Do not purchase path of valour due to challenge events and other issues which may arise

Due to the path of valour being specifically aimed at more experienced, higher power players, if you are a lower team you will not receive all of the advertised rewards. For example you will struggle to achieve the full requirements of the challenge events where you must complete all three levels , eg rare epic and legendary. These requirements are not transparent at the point of purchase. I don’t know if more issues may arise due to team scores. I have asked for an additional event to address the challenge issue but at the moment only two challenges were being run in the valour event. Why should people with lower teams lose out on the path of valour. If we have spent money expecting the advertised rewards then surely you have a duty to ensure we can receive them but you are deliberately misleading and misselling these rewards. It doesn’t say buy this only if you have high scoring teams. When you purchase something if it doesn’t do what it’s advertised to do you are in violation of sales laws. You are deliberately excluding a percentage of your customers.

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