Do not pull on tavern of legends -- math analysis

Pay to win event. Greed on an unparalleled basis. Tried it this time - 27 pulls for junk. SG can get bent.

At about 90 heroes in this portal, what does one expect to pull in the way odds here.

The devs know that the more heroes they place in a portal the worse the odds get but they prey on those that have no idea and who just want want want without a second thought.

This portal is just a money machine for the company, a marketing strategy featured event which got blown out of proportion with comments like (It is designed for veteran players) (the use of limited heroes) etc only to find out that most this event can be beat with crappy unleveled heroes to attract new comers to spend more money because they saw and heard how easy it really was so they feel the summons will better also.

Nothing more than a gimmick marketing came up with.

There should be a limit to how many heroes are placed in a portal as this is where the odds of pulling something better come from and SG know this.

Everyone only looks at the percentage factor but forget that real biggest factor here is the amount of items in the portal which no doubt would affect the outcome.

3* = 24
4* = 22
5* = 44
A total of 90 heroes in a single portal.

Where the average in epic, Atlantis etc has been around 60 to 70 so far with the exception of s3 which was up into 80’s if I recall.

I also got only 3* s but the first thing I do in and summons is count how many heroes are in there as that provides me a better indication of what my chances are of pulling something worthwhile and the devs would using that factor to determine the percentage odds overall.

Anyway no great surprise here is what I have read thus far about the results of pulls which is why as I always say,

Spending heaps of money is for loses who don’t think, the game provides enough free stuff to enjoy it for as long as it’s going to be around because the day it stops being online all that money you spend will have been for nothing.

My misses hasn’t learn that yet and she spends about 50 bucks a month on here but for me I spotted spending more than 5 bucks a month over a year ago.

As much as some offers look like great deals and some are, the incentive to spend for summons and items has far gone from this game back when sh22 came into play. For me anyway.

Anyway! Congrats to those who got lucky though.

The actual event was easy and fun while it lasted which was probably a whole 45 minutes, so thanks for the entertainment and ability to use my crappy heroes for a change.


If you want a real example of how trashy ToL portal is, look no further:

It doesn’t matter how many heroes are in it unless you’re going for a specific one. The problem is that there’s a 98% chance you get the same thing as tc13.


Can’t say it better than this. Pay 7500 gems for 30 TC13 pulls, yay!


@rho I mean c’mon, he got Dawa. What else did he expect?

100% agree they need to stop the scam tactics. It is our faults. Let not spend!


Imo, that portal is probably geared towards new players and some advance players ; as it is, it would probably serve well for new players looking to build their bench, the chance of old HotM would be an advantage…

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Quick question. This is the only RNG game I have ever played. Are the odds in other games more favorable in getting a top tier hero? It states a 1.3% chance of getting a 5 star hero. So I would have to do a 100 pull to get one (and even then may not). I will use the coins with the smallest hope of getting a 5* but why would I spend money on this?

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Mortgage Advisor: So Mr Client I understand you want to take a further advance? Can I just ask what you are planning to use the money for?

Mr Client: I really really want an older Hero of the Month in a mobile game I play

Mortgage Advisor: Well it’s not against the rules even if it seems mad to me. £25,000 is the minimum I can do for you.

Mr Client: Oh…I might need a little more than that but sure, £25k is a good start I guess. Who knows, I might get lucky.


It is clear that the first offer for tavern is underwhelming value wise (worse than costumes’ offers).
I expect a second offer for tomorrow, so will update about its value if it is released.

I pulled 30 came out only 4* and all 3*. hahaha, very enticing due to great 5* heroes. They sucked up my gems. Try, your luck!

Also, given that ToL coins can only be obtained through the quest, your odds of getting a decent pull from “free summons” drops even further.


Ifollowed your advice, & I’m. MUCH happier today than my alliance mates & game friends who blew cash on 30 pulls to get “high quality feeders”.

The event & concept was fun. The loot & hero drops was a total rip-off. Even the big mystery hero was fairly average.

I hope SGG/Zynga changes thier business model before they completely ruin this game, as Zynga has with others…

Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto and Ditto!


Actually, the MEAN is Legendary, which I suppose is the draw of the portal. However, let’s call it what it is… basically a forced purchase draw, with the worst odds.

, I will get you some z

SG are just scammers, don’t you understand yet.

I was talking about the Epic and Atlantis summons not average in this summons portal.

All good

So much hate and discontent in this thread. Don’t like the odds - don’t pull. Have a ton of spare cash and yearn to have the fancy heroes that older players do - blow it away!

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