🔒 Do Not Enter (never ever under any circumstances)

Are you serious?
You shouldn’t enter.
Do you can’t read?


Okay, too late now.
When you are there, you can read further, but under your own risk.


Just founded:

Dead Girls Never Say No

A fun alliance for every day players to relax in, but slightly competitive.

I’m momentarily alone looking for some ambitious idiots like me to have fun together.

Contact me on line olmor_frazzle_olmor_

No drama, no limits, just fun all day long.

Look what spawned - a real cutie:

Probably a one shot :rofl:


Sorely tempted …


Haha! Love it.

Would consider joining myself if I didn’t already have my own private, relaxing-but-slightly-competitive alliance for ambitious idiots who like beating up on wimpy titans. :grin:


Hey Olmor!!! Good luck to your fresh start!!! Have in your mind that Crew-Squires Wardogz is an alliance that fit you perfectly! If you change your mind we have 3 last spots!


Nice offer, thx. Maybe if I become bored being alone in my stronghold.

I’m looking forward to a one on one war now. :sunglasses:

And I love my new puppies.



Can officially tell you based on personal experience, 1 v. 1 war is fun.

Don’t remember the poor sap’s name, but he put up a good fight! … in the first half, anyway. :laughing: :rofl: :joy:


Killed my 1st puppy with 2 flags.

BTW: I’m from Germany, german speaking people would be cool, but not mandatory.

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Really hard to withstand, very tempting.

But since founding my own (German) alliance nearly a year ago, I am satisfied with where we are and what we are doing. But you really got me thinking.


Join the party, but pay attention to your laughing muscles. :wink:


Lol. This war looks pretty lopsided just from judging your defense teams…

I’d be tempted too if could cope with the suicides of all those great guys in my alliance, who would surely miss their beloved leader.

But good luck and have fun!

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Wenn du dir selbst überdrüssig wirst, kannst du dich mal melden :sweat_smile:

Anybody seen my Horse? :horse: :wink:

The Dark Lord loves cats now. :rofl:


My 1st 4* appeared…

Does anyone know what happens with an alliance, if the last member leaves?

Was wondering where you are, wanted to visit you, but Olmor lair (or so :upside_down_face:) didnt exist anymore. This time i will try to visit you as soon as we find a titan to rest after war. Good luck, i will never be able to do that, feel too responsible for my beloved teammates, although a little rest would be nice. Leadership is quite some work (time and fun too of course) when building up an alliance with everything between lv 30 and 66. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, its vanishing as soon as last ones gone, did that once and yours (olmors blabla :grin:) cant be found anymore too. (Erase those messages of course, didnt wanna disturb your search for teammates :slightly_smiling_face:)

Thx for the reply.
I changed the name of the ally.

Dead Girls Never Say No

is it now.

We’ve been matched together?

OOf thats a little bit morbid/ Necro-esqe…

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