Do not do Elite Training

My recommendation is find an alliance that works for you, not you for them. I went solo for 8 months or so and made zero progress. Put yourself out there in the recruiting thread (not the route, I took but I asked a well respected member if they had space, had to drop my pants, get interviewed and then get alliance approval; best decision I made).


The dropping of the pants was not an actual requirement, it was a joke bet proposed by another member to see if you would actually do it. Which reminds me, I still owe ToZ $5 for that one.

Okay, logging back out of here again before I attract the attention of the authorities.

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20, seems i am cursed, like LOL isn’t a thing?

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I know you are trying to drag me back here, but the helicopters are already circling overhead… spotlights on me, attempting to target me with mostly non-lethal off-topic flags before calling in the big guns…

Pro-tip. two :laughing: :laughing: emoticons count as 20 characters, as does < blank > < blank > < blank > (without spaces)

In order to attempt to dodge off topic darts before again fleeing the internet and changing my name to ELG, I will finally add this: do not do legendary training either, as I have been running two TC20s simultaneously and neither one has given me a single legendary hero in over 4 months. It’s all a scam anymore, every portal only gives 3*, the odds for F2P and C2P have been completely and utterly ner— kzzkt


I can’t - kzzkt

Uh oh, on the - kzzkt


Meet me at the intersec- kzzkt and 3rd Street, requesting immediate evac- kzzkt

Never should have come bac-- kzzkt


I was in an alliance, too much drama, plus I’m a truck driver, can’t meet the requirements, ie war and hitting titans everyday so I do the best I can

If you mean solo as in no alliance - then it’s bad. If you mean solo, as in solo alliance - it’s good. Speaking from personal experience.

I completely agree than an alliance is too much drama but unfortunately you need the stuff it provides. You can go solo alliance, for just 50 gems create your own. Then you have 2 options:

  1. Be like me, with numerous of your own side accounts in that alliance for killing titan purposes. Even like that you most probably won’t go over 6* titans (currently killing third one myself) and those side accounts will require time to develop (which I get you don’t have)

  2. Just create your own alliance for war purposes. Solo war is good: a) no drama with alliance teammates; b) no misunderstandings on who-attacks-who and stuff like that; c) great rewards - even upon defeat, you still are the best performing player of your alliance and have a chance to get 3* unfarmable mats (can confirm - got Hidden blade from a lost war loot), and recently I got a 4* mat when victorious. Also solo war is fun (although in my case it’s duo war but still applies).

I did have my solo alliance, but used a female avatar and got hit on by creepy guys from a certain region. The alliance I’m in now is just totally relaxed and full of awesome people. “Real life comes first”. I can’t imagine leaving until I quit the game.

Just FYI, multiple accounts are not an option. SG has blocked me from Apple game centre and mostly Google play as well… Those people refuse to accept an apology and now direct me to support that I can’t access.

I really can’t imagine why they’d do that. It’s not like making multiple accounts is cheating or something.

Anyway as I said, even if you can’t make multiple accounts or don’t have the time to develop those, a solo alliance still gives the benefit of solo war, and that has great rewards and is a cool experience. Titans are out of question though, I guess that those would be limited to one and two stars. Still can at least fill a titan chest with those.

Seriously, I was the one that messed up. I got triggered badly when i was a little vulnerable (lets say for example) (there is actually a post about it)… SG staff do not like being cursed at, at all. And they don’t accept apologies. It cost me a fair bit.

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