Do not do Elite Training

After 3 months of Elite training I am going to throw the towel in.

I got Tiburtus after 34 attempts which is about 3% rate but currently going 0/64 on my second attempt is just ridiculous. Going to start using my training camps for some real troop training instead. Just hope Legendary training has better odds then this crap.


Dont’t count on Legendary training to be better…I certainly have not experienced it.


I don’t expect it to be any better, actually I heard it was worse but nothing we can do at that point anyways since level 20 is the last level.

My training camps are level 17 still only getting 1 2 and once in a blue moon a 3 star hero so i do not know where the 4 stars are

You need to do level 13 training which is 265k Food and 70 recruits.

Yes, Training camp level doesn’t affect what you get, it affects what training you can do, and that determines what heroes you can get. You need to pick the right training. Level 13 training, called elite, only gives 3 or 4* heroes, mostly 3* of course. But it never gives 1,2 or 5. The level 20 training gives, 3,4,5. Also training camp level in no way affects summons.

You can’t upgrade your camp to 17 and do level 1-2 training and expect anything better.

But the fact is, that getting 4 or 5* heroes without spending any money, is very slow.


Does anyone know the exact drop rates for Elite and Legendary training?

Pretty sure it is in the 1 percentile like all drop rates in this game. Progression in this game is SUPER painfully VERY SLOW.

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Jaz, I’ve started tracking my progress with my first Legendary camp. 7th training today, and got Melandor (4*) on 3rd day. This is a really small sample size, so will keep a long term record. would love to have others tracking 13/20 training as well! And to be honest, the only reason I stick with epic/legendary camps is because nothing else will get me ahead anymore, and I’m not able to spend in the game.


Thanks for the update Coppersky.

I went 1/34 to get Tiburtus and gave up after going 0/64 on second attempt. I got two camps doing level 11 training now and one camp doing level 2 training. I’ve wasted months chasing after 4 star cards, but I am done with that. Going to focus on leveling the cards I have till I get to Legendary training. I know the odds are just as bad but atleast when I get to level 20 I will have nothing better to do with my recruits anyways. Game pretty much ends there and all you really need to do is Titan battles and looking for impossible to get ascension items.

I’ve actually found the elite training to be fair. Sure, it costs a lot of resources, and sure, the odds are dismal, but it is free.

And as for myself, I’ve also received Tiburtus from the elite training, but very recently I also got Boldtusk from it. Certainly not disappointing results for a couple of weeks of elite training, considering it takes me over a week to save up enough gems to attempt an epic pull, the odds of which are also dismal.


I guess you got lucky because I’ve been at it for months with only 3* cards to show for it. I guess it worth it when you get lucky. Just like buying lottery tickets, it sucks when you don’t win but if you do win then it is awesome. I agree it takes way too long to save up 300 gems (1 month), to get dismal odds at a 3* card.

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That’s true, I’m not disputing that I did get very lucky. And I’m also not disputing the fact that the odds are really very bad, even if I seem to have somehow managed to evade those odds. All I’m saying is that I do prefer keeping a constant elite training going (and once I get to SH 20, probably legendary) simply because it’s another chance for higher quality heroes alongside the painfully slow gem gathering process.

It’s slow and painfully weighted against us, but at least it’s free. Considering the recent Athena outrage, I’m quite happy with my team that I’ve not paid a single penny for.

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By the time I finish leveling all my heroes I should hopefully get to Legendary training then I can hope to get lucky with a 4* or 5*. You are right it is free and much better than saving for 300 gems. Just don’t think Elite training is worth it if you have heroes that require levels.

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I’m 0-6 on one and 0-2 on another. All 3 star, none of which were useful based on where I am in the game.

The alternative is to spend more cash.

I’ll take low % over no % any day haha! :slight_smile:


Very true. I got 3 4* cards in 5 months with two camps going 24/7, so roughly 1.5 months per 4* card. 3 months if you only got one camp going. As you said better than 0%.

A reminder to everyone in this thread.

3* heroes are not useless… even ones you never plan on using.

If you’re at the point in the game where you’re trying to get 4* heroes, there are 3* heroes that will help your team composition (for different titans or rare quests) I promise you.

3* heroes are a TON of help in leveling others, even if you’re feeding them to another 3*, you’re leveling them much faster than you would with 2 or 1* heroes. So they’re not wasted.

Build up a solid varied team, and that will help more than you know.


I get Tiburtus on my 2nd and Skittle on 4th attemps and right after i stoped because no need anymore.
Now that i do again let’s see if i’m still under a lucky star.

My opinion is that if you rush on stronghold and camps to get asap the elite training and skipping the rest, the game don’t reward you.
I build my camp follow efficiency and get the elite only when has nothing more important to level.

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I am now 0-8 in one and 0-4 in another.

But - to resonate something.

I recently read that the new challenge quest (or whatever it is called) will focus on 3* hero’s and 2* troops. Guess who didn’t have any of those from feeding the very hungry 4 and 5*'s. I now have a handful as a result, and something to kill the time as the 4 and 5’s are stuck due to lack of materials. So there is a use.

Also, I read in the strategy area that to beat the game having spirit link is a huge asset. Well, I stupidly fed Kailani to Chao way back when. Now I have a Gunner as a result.

Just change the way you look at the game - mix and match your team a bit with your new 3*. I have a 3100+ attack power team that SUCKS on titans (relative to the power level). So I am trying to figure out new strategies there too.

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@sleeperZ96BT this isn’t exactly true. The lowest tier of challenge events is capped at 3* heroes and 2* troops. The new event does not focus on them, but there are three tiers.

In an effort to be competitive and try all of the tiers, it may be worth your while to build a 3* team. (I’ve been doing this anyway out of boredom while waiting on ascension mats).


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