Do not complain, be patient and learn!

This looks Fun to nobody… I started this lvl with 2 Heroes at 1/2 cursed and ended the lvl with 4 Heroes at 2/2 cursed, because i had no luck with the tiles…

Everything is about luck in this game… You have to be Lucky to catch a good Hero, and to Ascend him, you have to be Lucky to get the ascension mats. And when you are Lucky enough to get al of that you have to get Lucky with the tiles… Well, after playing almost 3 years i run out of luck and out of money… As a lot of devoted players here…


Bottom line…

if curses are killing you, you’re making WAY too many board moves.

This is a 3-2, 4-1, or Mono event.

You will learn to move the board and make good item choices.

I finished on one account, lost 3 heroes. I have 5 boards left on my main account, he has lost 2 heroes.

I al not talking about the hardness of the bosses, i am ok with a little challenging fight. I al talking about the curses… If you have red oni block and nothing to match with it, you are screwed, no matter what team you take allong…

And that does happen from time to time. But it’s definitely did not happen every floor. Keeping the curses in the middle greatly improved your chances of breaking them within 3 moves. But sure there were a few occasions where a curse popped up toward the outside and I had no way of getting it broken. In those cases I brought along Tornadoes to throw up a Hail Mary. And that worked about 50% percent f the time. But like I said. By keeping the curses in the middle I did not come across those scenarios very many times.

You may have to burn a tornado. Or 2. Or 3.

Or you can make a dragon/shield of another color next to it to bust it the turn after. Save diamonds. Save dragons.

I played the same event as everyone else and I did not have an issue with Oni curses. They were a challenge but not impossible.

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The oni stones add an extra layer of strategy which is really what differentiates this from the other grindy PVE events. I for one would not want that to be taken away, despite the element of RNG that goes with it. In most cases you can overcome that RNG aspect. The tricky part is overcoming the current oni stone, setting up the board to be able to deal with future oni stones, whilst at the same time also setting up the board for clearing the level. This is what brings in the challenge, and dare i say it, “fun” (for a PVE level)

to the OP: i think many people dislikes NT for the hour a day, not the difficulty of the bosses nor the oni stones. Many people dislikes the NT for the misplacing of the “improved summons rate of old HotM, now halved” ToL. You keep focusing on how bad are players who quit NT, when many of us left it on thursday with 0 oni curses(level 10 for me)

I don’t think rewards are the worst but they cost prolly more in battle items.
And last, i bet those hundredish emblems counts in the dobling up cuantities of emblems of the last update, and that nerves me up.
As many people have stated above me: time consuming and tedious, terrible timing, absourdly RNGbased. Screw you NT, luckily i have some real life.


Is it ‘complaining’ or just criticism? I’m enjoying the level of difficulty and look forward to getting better at it, my problem is this: we have events tourneys quests war raids titan on and on. How do you expect people to reasonably have the time to do this stuff??? You realize most people playing work?? You want us to work surely to but gems and stuff right?? Right??? I’m in a top alliance so 14 star titans no break, it’s just too much. Either it needs to be way easier and shorter or you need to mage this a quarterly event and clear the schedule so we can concentrate solely on it. So sorry if I’m not a shill or sycophant. Actually I’m a consumer I’m not F2P I spend freely and gladly but if also need to quit my job in order to have time to do the many things is required to operate at a high level in game then maybe you people don’t want my money. Try not to be so patronizing to your consumers without us there would be no game.


Next time start with not having such a patronizing belittling title header. Have respect for your consumers. I can’t imagine spending hundreds of dollars monthly on a product and the producers speak the way you do to your costumers. You should be fired.

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I agree, i see many complain in my alliance about ’ no colors!’ … Ok it happens , but to some people it happens more than others… So i started to ask why. I asked for screen recording of attacks.
Most games can come down to one tile.
So when i started looking into it, In short, yes, some players are better than others and when they fail they blame it on the game.

If there’s ever a red rag to a bull in this forum it’s joining as a new poster and then telling the rest of the forum to “git gud” :joy:

FWIW I have a very deep roster but as there’s no 4* mat on offer I’m not using items I’m building for the next event.

I thought with clever play the ONI tiles would be avoidable but far too many heroes are now cursed. Only using tornadoes or hurricanes would potentially help and I’m not going to do that. So the end result is I’ll fail and that became obvious on lvl 23. I’ve bludgeoned my way to 31 so far but I’m running out of heroes.

But I’m sure I could have just played better and sailed through :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


This NT was too easy IMHO.
I’m not saying that because i am powerful… On the contrary, i completed it with a 3530 team… Kashrek on level 3.60… Maryana 4.80 (2 emblems) , boldtusk 4.70(no emblems) , Melendor 4.70( no emblems), Gormek 4.70(3 emblems) plus a basket full of Mana potions…meh…Screenshot_2020-10-17-12-30-02-06_262dc09b83f42fc5604598f73a64a305|246x500


LOL I haven’t even attempted the first stage of ninja tower. I read enough here to know that it’s not worth my time.

“Do not complain”
I am allowed to complain. I spent money on this game. I’ve been playing for 2 years. I have every right to complain about anything I feel like complaining about.

“Be patient and learn”
2 years is not patient enough?
And I’m getting really sick and tired of people telling me I need to learn how to play tiles better… it’s not rocket science. Anyone with half a brain can figure out how to make decent tile combos. But only if those tiles exist in the first place. When you go in with a starting board that has less than 3 tiles of your needed color, and you get rid of 20+ tiles of other colors and still only get 2 more tiles of the needed color, and they’re not even close to each other… and then your board resets itself 3 times because you have no remaining matches… and your team is dying before you’re able to even charge up a single special skill…

That’s RNG. I’m sorry, but no amount of “tile matching skillz” in the world can overcome horrible boards. Especially not when you’re attacking opponents that can one shot your heroes every couple of turns.

Now, that might not all be directly relevant to ninja tower itself. Though I suspect that it probably is. If it’s anything like ToL… which I have completed twice, for the record… it basically comes down to needing a very good bench, burning quite a few battle items, and hoping that you don’t get a godawful board along the way…

… and after all of that, your reward is…?

  • crap
  • bupkis
  • not worth all the battle items I burned
  • Dawa (all of the above)

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Nooooooo thank you.

The heroes and new troops look kind of cool, but I’m going to just put them away in the “mostly P2W unless I get really lucky” box and write off the event itself as another epic fail where the effort/money required to complete it far outweighs the potential benefits, and send it directly back to the same fresh hell from whence Goblin Balloon and Tavern of Legends were spawned.

As for this whole idea of “it’s cool to play events just for fun, even if the loot sucks!”

That would be all well and good if it didn’t require having good loot in the first place to be able to complete them. Which in this case… nooooo. It’s just yet another SG carnival game where we’re expected to spend $50 to try to win a $3 stuffed animal prize.

Seriously. Same as I said about Boblin Galloon, if you want those items in it? Just buy them from the regular shop, don’t waste your money on the balloon.

If you want fancy ninja heroes, don’t go wasting hours and dozens of battle items. Just buy some gems and summon for them.

Ordinarily I would be the last person to say that… I’m all for “free” rewards that you can work for. But each new portal they release is just getting worse and worse in terms of effort vs. reward. Tell me why in the hell would I go to the time and effort and trouble and burning battle items to complete 50 stages of a quest just for 1 free summon? Seriously, why? Because you say it’s “fun”? It doesn’t sound like most people are having much “fun”. And the rate of rewards vs. time and battle items invested just sounds epically awful even by E&P standards.


I like the difficulty, I dont like the rewards. I just completed floor 50, and what I can say what drove me totally bonkers were those oni tiles showing up in the bottom corners.

Once that happens you get cursed no matter what you do, because even if you clear that curse, it immediately gets replaced by another at the same spot because you HAD to make a move there.

Then you miraculously also clear the second curse with some awesome tile play, and guess what. Another curse tile instantly at again the bottom corner.

That really drove me bananas.


I’m sitting at Level 37 and have 56/100 Tower coins. That’s the problem

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:rofl: brilliant… You summed up the game perfectly.

Today it offered Ninja summon coins, i thought why? It’s not like they are going to give us ascension material to go with them… They would just end up sat with all my other 5* Heros that are still waiting for ascension materials.

Until SG start giving ascension materials again it’s pointless summoning any new heroes., I’m sick of chests being empty.

I did have fun completing the NT though and i did win the 3* stuffed animal at the end :yum:


I just got a set of rings from an elemental chest …

Just sayin’

If you have not already, please review the odds that heroes drop - 1% for 5-star heroes in most of these portals. Your experience of “almost NEVER does a hero advertised” drop is consistent with the odds. If you do a Forum search for nearly any summon portal there should be a detailed description on summoning odds - spoiler; they are not good anywhere. Best bet for a 5-star is TC20 at 5%, but that can only deliver season 1 heroes and has no chance for an HOTM.

It is what it is and there seems to be no reason for SG/Zynga to make any changes.



That is a real achievement. Congratulations, if so, excelent counter team youve picked.

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I am at 40th floor. No refills and not lose any battle, and so far i lose 7 heroes due curses and have other 14 heroes at 1/2.

Used some nados (10 or so) until now to prevent losing other heroes, but all my best heroes are all in game and have at least 60 other to eventually sacrifice.
I started with 3* first 7 levels, then switched to 4* (not emblemed) and after 30th floor to emblemed 4* mixed to not emblemed 5*.

I was probably over prudent for my strenght, but i wasn’t really after a good score.

My roster allow me to enjoy this event, but i do think this is just too much for most of the people and rewards are simply incoherent for the effort.

My own enjoyment, which fall probably on a 1% playerbase shouldn’t be reason of frustration for the 99% rest of players.
And to complete this tower, many probably will wait a year or more.

I like the challenge, but probably a second softer version of this event could be a good compromise for all the people.


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