Do not complain, be patient and learn!

I am at 40th floor. No refills and not lose any battle, and so far i lose 7 heroes due curses and have other 14 heroes at 1/2.

Used some nados (10 or so) until now to prevent losing other heroes, but all my best heroes are all in game and have at least 60 other to eventually sacrifice.
I started with 3* first 7 levels, then switched to 4* (not emblemed) and after 30th floor to emblemed 4* mixed to not emblemed 5*.

I was probably over prudent for my strenght, but i wasn’t really after a good score.

My roster allow me to enjoy this event, but i do think this is just too much for most of the people and rewards are simply incoherent for the effort.

My own enjoyment, which fall probably on a 1% playerbase shouldn’t be reason of frustration for the 99% rest of players.
And to complete this tower, many probably will wait a year or more.

I like the challenge, but probably a second softer version of this event could be a good compromise for all the people.


Just to see if it can be done, I’ve used a few different 3-2 setups and am now finished level 40. No energy refills, no loses, no curses of any kind. I’ve used a fair amount of tornados/mana pots but if you plan correctly it should be possible to complete this, even with a limited bench.

My biggest problem with this event is the rewards are horrible for the effort/resources involved.

Edit: For reference, I’m C2P with twelve ascended 5* heroes and have been playing for about a year and a half.


Seems like it could be a really fun event. I played just a couple levels. Actually got a curse early that was unclearable, so random can “bite” even early in the tower.

There needs to be events that everyone can lose to keep the game interesting imo.


This, oh so very much. The event itself is mostly fine, it just needs:

  • A check that ensures that oni tile can be destroyed in time. There is enough RNG in this game as it is, it does not need more.
  • Rewards for completing each 10th floor. C’mon, SG, you have already animation for that floor so you couldn’t just slap a rewards just behind? Omg.

And that’s the thing, so many ppl go complaining that this tower is so hard, so impossible, that is only for p2w players. Yet there are people out that using 4* to go high into the tower.
Sure the reward suck, but the tower is by no means impossible

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It’s not too hard. It’s too annoying. I just find it anti-fun. They could tweak the rewards and the diffculty, and I don’t think it really matters. This is a personal opinion, obviously other people love it. But I just don’t like it and that cannot be redeemed. Not a big deal, I’ll just play the other events. We don’t have to love every aspect of the game. I just really really hate this one


I’m a long time player with a deep bench. This event is not enjoyable to me.with 50 levels, I shouldn’t have to use any 5* heroes until level 25+. I get so caught up in the “curse” tiles that I can’t focus on the over powered enemy. I may still be able to compete, but many in my alliance can’t. Events should welcome players of all levels and not just reward those who spend a ton of money’


I just did level 40. One stage while maneuvering to get the board as I wanted and letting minions kill a corner hero, I didn’t have any curse bombs show up. So they’re not literally everywhere. Haven’t used a tornado yet. Been bringing small mana, medium mana, medium heal, and bomb attack usually. Roster developing serious holes and I’ll need to plan out the last ten stages. My roster not impressive, 22 months VC2P and missing lots of fancy heroes. Next time I can plan better earlier. This time I haven’t even looked up what the ninjas do.

I hope they don’t make it any easier. But more fun is good. Giving us a whole month to do it so we can squeeze it into times where we’re waiting for a raid flag would be great. And I’d like to see pure level reward system like seasonal events.

NT completed. Each level with first try. Not any hero was lost (it was my challenge). Will I try to complete NJ next time? Absolutely NO. Not my format of fun. Will use it only for troops portal (already have all other type of troops) for golden tokens


Yeah I was doing this too…the higher you go the faster the curses drop and as I was trying to go item free it just got harder and harder.

Now I probably lost a few due to poor choices made (I’ve lost less in levels 40 to 47 than I did 30 to 40) but on level 33 I think I brought out my bigger green guns. Telluria to give me a minion wall, health and the little extra Crit help and Tarlak to boost the damage to bludgeon through. I played patiently but in the end the curses just started dropping in horrible places and no Nado or Hurricanes meant I had to watch as in that 1 level as I lost both Telluria and Tarlak…it was a sucker punch tbh. More because I felt powerless to stop it and as it got more and more desperate I started to try and bash through the ninjas quick which didn’t work.

Now I’m happy to spend items on events (I only did rare in Grimforest but ended 475th) but this just didn’t seem to worth it.

I look at the top 100 and it’s the same top 100 as you see legendary every Event.

So NT seems to have been made to appease the top. Now I’ve seen some crazy spending from these in this. Someone in 7D hammered the portal until he had all the ninjas. I don’t even want to know what he spent, must have been thousands. So maybe SGG see the metrics and feel they need another something for the whales…I don’t know.

I’m hoping I can finish it and it’s certainly made me think about my roster so I’ll level heroes I’ve just had sat there (Melandor and Kashrek with costumes…never saw a point to them…til yesterday)

I’m glad it’s every 2 months though…not sure I have the stamina for this to have been monthly…monthly events are enough of a life drain already.


Melendor is actually better in this event than C Melendor. But C Melendor is at least a 4.85* level in the greater game… unless your roster is deeeeeeep then I would definitely recommend levelling him

Finished the event with a mix of emblemed 4s and 5s. Typically my 5* would have +6 or +7, my 4*s would be at least +11. My teams for the last few levels would be 3/2, most used in the last 7 floors were Kiril / Lepus / Isarnia, Joon / Lady Wooly, Melendor / Hansel / Gregorion / costumed Kashhrek, Boldtusk / Elena.

Also only managed because of Tornadoes, Time Stops and Titanium Shields.

I do feel a bit tired. Some satisfaction, but mostly I feel tired. Definitely not doable for newer players (there were a couple of floors I only beat after using ALL my items). I DID enjoy trying out new strategies and hero combinations, but I don’t know if I could have completed this during the week - the last few floors took a long time.

Cross-posting from the FTP Rebellion thread for a more detailed write up.

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I always level both sides just for the costume bonus anyways. But yes I found my normal Rigard to be a lot better than the Dapper variant as we got deeper in the rabbit hole…I mean Ninja Tower.

I have the little Rat too so I’ll level him to 3-70 too. The more healers the better for this thing

Thats seems like a waste of mana that i would rather use on titans, gg tho i stopped playing after stage 18

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I mean those 4* were costumed, wish i had those instead of gunnar and prisca all the time, i know the game wants me to spend money for new heroes i cant level up yet sooo yes, mostly p2w and those “lucky” in between

Ye, but I’m relatively new to the game, i need emblems and lots of them.

I guess I know which screens you saw and if you have a better look at it you can see how much as been pulled… (PS it wasn´t a 7D ^^)

This said, yes Ninja Tower is hard. Imo it´s not necessary to make everything in the game accessible to everyone from the beginning on. It´s good to have long time motivation also.

It tooks me a lot of months to be able to complete legendary events at the beginning - and I still remember it was a great motivation.

I completed it don’t get me wrong. Just felt more of a slog than an enjoyable relaxing time waste.

Didn’t realise it wasn’t someone in 7D…it was mentioned in our line someone was going hard for them and I thought that person was in 7D so talking about one of the 7D family. I don’t mind people throwing money at this btw…freedom of choice

I admitted I made the Tower harder than I should have. I’d just finished placing in Grimforest and I was a bit burnt out (mentally and inventory) so was trying to play through the tower and making it hard on myself…which was frustrating me.

Next tower I’ll just play it like a normal event and just blitz my way through it.

last levels are taking an annoying amount of time but yes with normal event teams it´s quite easy to make it.
Enjoy the next one ! ^^

That the opposite for me lol I get plenty of ascension items but the events heros are avoiding me

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