Do not complain, be patient and learn!

Dear community,

The new ninja event, as expected from a new feature, has generated a lot of discussion. I believe both the community and SG have to take steps in order to find a good balance.

I see a lot of players complaining about how hard going through the tower is. Well, would you like every single challenge in the game to be a boring random tile-matchung exercise?

Think about it carefully. Remember the times you could not get through S2 hard and the satisfaction you get for getting stronger and beating all the stages. This is the same, think about the things you need to do in order to complete the event the next time around. Maybe level up more healers? You need them for war anyway. Or learn to compose teams better? Or even improve tile play?

Use this forum to learn more and do not expect everything to be just easy. Why play this game at all?

Of course, better rewards need to be awarded by the game in order to motivate players to complete the stages. This is already being talked about in various posts.

Chill out, next time you will get there. Get stronger and enjoy your progress.


Just hope you’re not comparing SII difficulty level with this… I beat Ursena hard mode with a 4* team before emblem era, while lvl.22 bosses here take away half the hp of a maxed no emblems 4* with one slash attack… I’m done with this event… and the way things are going, I’m really thinking about dropping the towel for good… had no expectations about this event before it launched and now I find no call to go through it… there’s nothing that apeals to me here, neither gameplay nor art or rewards. I found a lot more fun endlessly raiding GTV +20 teams than climbing this tower. ToL, as fruitless as it is, has a lot more to it than this ninja tower. Not to mention the effects that the release of the unballanced ninja heroes will have on the status quo… but hey, it’s all peachy, we should learn how to play the game and all will be just fine… I swear, this game was a lot more fun a year ago… maybe I’ve reached my limit…


I am f2p so no big roaster of maxed 5s, and been playing for a little more than a year. I menaged to complete 30 stages and my heroes are still in tact, I haven’t used the best ones yet. So I do not think it is that overwhelmingly hard. It surprises me that you have a hard time with it, but cannot judge without knowing your roaster.

I already said in my post that the lack of rewarsa and the obscene p2w aspects of this are being discussed.


I am OK with an event being very hard (as long as not EVERY event lol), gives me a sense of accomplishment. But I think the issue here is the rewards do not feel like they match the difficulty. I think a lot less people would complain about the challenge if the rewards were proportionate.


Does this really need it’s own thread? No, it didn’t.

This isn’t some WhY dO yOu wAnT tHinGs jUsT gIveN tO yoU?! YOuHaVe tO wOrK fOr iT!!! type of thing.

This event is just not thought through thoroughly. You are allowed to critique a flawed event. The devs should have taken beta opinions more into consideration and adjusted properly.

I have a deep bench and am regularly ranking 4600-4700 in trophies and can mostly fill a mono team in every color with maxed 5* and this event is still ■■■■■■■ difficult for me. It’s not that i need to gET bEtTeR iTs a ChAllEngE!!! The event itself is flawed and it needs to be fixed.

Simple as that. Now let’s go back in the discussion threads where this topic belongs. Do you really need to make sure your voice is heard over everyone else by making your own thread? No.


It is not my intention really, I am just new to the forum. Apologies if it feels that way. Thanks for the reply, never imagined players like you would find this difficult and I honestly don’t get it.


He maybe doesnt want to throw items into this and at this point cursed bombs are everywhere and everytime. So a bad board (RNG) can curse many heroes. There is the big difficulty. Maybe if you have luck you can reach lvl 30 with not many cursed heroes but still i doubt someone would be able to finish the event without using either tornadoes or another important item.


Good call on walking away from Ninja Tower.
I have intentionally opted out of it. Why? I may have been burnt out from competing in Grimforest Rare.

Regardless, I feel great about my decision! :upside_down_face:


@Real1 I suppose I can understand what you’re saying.

However, I sincerely believe you do not realise that your original post comes across as very condescending. Many forum posters are veteran players. Personally, I have been playing for two years and 10 months. I have never appreciated being told how to play.

Again, I believe you meant it in an attempt to be helpful. Unfortunately, it has come across as unsolicited advice.


Emblem Twenty 5* Heroes
Craft 150 Tornadoes, Dragon Attacks, Time Stops, & Large Mana Pots

Are you really telling people on the forum to go learn from the forum?
lmao, what a novel idea
Do you realize that some of the people you’re talking to are those who teach others how to play the game on the forum? lol

Go use this forum again and learn that the people who are doing well in the Tower are late gamers with deep benches of emblemed 5* and/or extra resources to burn on battle items, that’s it - they are saying as much.

More healers, tile play: nothing to do with it.
Learn to compose teams better? gmab

fwiw, I don’t care if it’s extra hard for the late gamers or if I can’t finish, it’s not the first side quest to be like that for developing players. I’m done with the Tower because it’s boring and the challenging parts of it just feel forced in, arbitrary and uninteresting.

It’s just plain not fun to play. But I’m not bitter or angry about it, quite the opposite - I’m glad there’s something in this game I don’t want to do nor feel like I need to. It’s a relief to keep focusing on the things I want to instead of chasing the new shiny thing just because it’s there and has a mat at the end. I’m glad you and others enjoy it, have it.



Man, your post just helped reinforce even more why I opted out of Ninja Tower. :+1::smile:

Battle items are mainly for titans and challenge events imo.


Well, I apologize again. I have nothing but respect for veteran players, who taught me how to play.

I experienced the behaviour I wrote about with my alliance mates. Some of them just complain about everything without first asking questions or advice and it makes no sense to me. These are the people I was trying to address.

And don’t be too angry at me plz, I will try to be much more careful in the future if I post something.


I haven’t used any 5* up to this point, but I already have 24 benched heroes and another few other cursed once. And that’s on lvl. 22… I’m done getting isolated oni tiles with no means to get rid of… or getting through the mob with no trouble at all, just to see my full health, fully charged team butchered by the bosses in just a few turns… there’s great disparity between the power of the mobs and the bosses. A lot worst than anywhere else in this game. And the energy, taking over 2 hours per unit to charge, what’s that?! A little slower and it would have rivaled the titans… oh, and the cherry on top! What’s that about dead heroes getting cursed?! That’s insane! I’ve had it happen more than once. The hero gets killed and two or three turns later still gets the curse… that’s absurd…


All good with me. :sunglasses: To be clear, I was never angry.

Ha, so it was some pesky alliance mates all along! Alliances are a huge part of the game. If not comfortable direct messaging the alliance mate/s, I would probably speak to my alliance leader about the complaining alliance mates. Hopefully the alliance leader can help improve situation. Or if it’s too much already, leave alliance to find a new home.

You could start a fresh thread seeking alliance advice. :wink:

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You got something right: CHATO !!! Ridiculous, boring and tiring event, in addition to the level of difficulty being SURREAL. I stopped in the middle of the second day. The only positive thing about this event is that SG will never be able to do something so bad again, even though they are masters at making nonsense.


It’s just not fun. Time consuming with very little rewards


I totally agree with you. My biggest issue with it is that my healers get cursed most often and the curse stones are always located somewhere where you can’t remove them, already lost 4. I don’t have resources enough for loads of battle items and indeed the rewards are pretty stingy. I don’t want anything given to me but things should be fun and this isn’t. I decided to quit this ninja tower today


Do not complain, be patient and learn, one of the funniest most condescending thread titles I’ve read on the forum. What’s more, I’ve been visiting for 605 days.

I see you joined the forum a day ago and are already an expert. :thinking:

This is what the Ninja Tower feels like.

But at the end of the day,…

There are too many other fun things to do in game, the Ninja Tower is just NOT one of them.



Hahaha y’all need to bring in a marshmallows, chocolate, and crackers for this roast. Lmao


I cleared Floor 30, and started getting some of my better heroes knocked out. Honestly, just getting cursed is more frustrating than failing, because there are times when the cursed gem is on the edge and I can’t budge it… and I haven’t brought Tornadoes with to try to fix that. I’m just playing the levels as they are.

And I’m not concerning myself with how high I get. In fact, I’m to the point at 30 where I might just say “good enough” and just dink around with it a little more.

This is a game, and I’m not going to stress out over not being able to finish a small part of a game. :slight_smile:

EDIT: The difficulty must have made tensions high… this thread has an unusual amount of what seems like anger from unexpected sources. Something about Keep Calm and Ninja On might be a good mantra. :wink:

Good gaming!