Do not buy gems!

Notice! Do not buy gems, the game apparently gives you “equal” chances of evolving heroes or says your summons has an equal chance to come a hero. Well I say that he NEVER came hero of the month for me and in the last month I ended up confirming after more than 70 convocations and even then being without hero of the month. The game just wants you to spend, never again will I budge gems with the game!


Well since you had bad luck you can’t just tell others to not buy gems. And if you knew you are such an unlucky person in gambling as I am, you shouldn’t had made this mistake in the first place.

I put 0.99 thought and got a Gormek xP

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I purchased a “10-Pack” last week for the event and got 2 Event Heros (both the same) and Alberich.
I see it like Banutu: You had very bad luck. That happens…

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So because you didn’t get the hero of the month, no one should try? This is my 4th month playing. I have gotten one HOTM, Ares, and that is it. I understand the frustration because I spent quite a bit trying, with no luck. I also knew it was just a chance, not a guarantee. I have decided to cut back my spending but I wouldn’t tell others what to do with their money.


Wish I could sell a couple of my HOTM :blush:

It was just advice, follow whoever.

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Everyone that buys gems will tell you that they have had both the good and the bad… and sometimes the plain ugly. It can be very frustrating at times, I understand that all too well, however it is a free game to play. Buying heroes is just a luck of the draw. It’s nothing personal.


I think it’s good advice. I feel you have every right to advise players to avoid spending in the game if your opinion is that it doesn’t offer good value. I feel the same and SG really should be taking notice if players are discouraging others from spending. This isn’t the fault of the person who is posting the advice so much as an indication that the underlying game economy may be at fault - especially when there is no shortage of players who complain of the same thing.

Really I’d modify the advice to:
“Think twice before spending on this game. If you are going to spend, spend EARLY.”

When you have a more mature stable of heroes you’ll find the majority of the gems you buy will not give you anything better than what you have. This is the way the odds are stacked on summons. It is not a game that will directly reward your spend. It only offers a CHANCE to give you something for it, so people who spend more are rewarded more on average over time. I personally think that’s a bad model, but many who like a more ‘gambling’ approach will get on with it. For me, it limits what I am prepared to spend.


Just as it is “right” for some people to discourage spending (due to personal reasons listed), it is “right” for others to spend, due to their reasons given.

It comes down to personal preference and informed choice.

I personally would spend a little more if I had the funds. I’m not the kind who would spend a ton, but that’s me and my personal preference. shrug

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Agreed. I’m not saying people shouldn’t spend - I’m saying do so with your eyes open as to what your money will get you.
If people want to spend, all good. Raising concerns about the perceived value you get is also good.

I have no problem with SG making money (they deserve it - it’s a great game) but I feel with the balance they have currently, it discourages potential spend. I feel they could make more by easing the game’s purse strings a bit.


Yeah I spent 900 gems back to back to back and got Bane 3 times in a row. They say your chances are whatever they are but they decide who they want to get the good heros and who gets the junk. The chance of getting the same character 3 times in a row is way lower than getting any other. They know what they are doing and I’m not spending another dime on this game and I don’t think anyone else should either. If everyone would stop spending money for one month then they would probably change that percentage to make it easier for people to get what they want or at least get different characters

I don’t spend and I’m happy with training camp level 20 5classic heroes that I’ve got. Also some lucky times that I’ve got heroes of the month. Got Ariel too with free coins. But I love my 4s too. I don’t need the special heroes to enjoy it, neither do you.

Please don’t be upset :heart:
We all know how you feel since everyone already had bad luck. Once, i was saving for months everything that I had, coins, gems, tokens and then saw Evelyn and hero of the month. I was in love. I tried everything and got nothing. Almost cried. But live went on… it’s (almost) ok. Later I’ve got Miki who is even better.

Maybe your luck is being saved for later.
Breathe… play something else, give yourself some time. Happy new year!


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