Do my healers not stack special abilities?

I just leveled Guinevere up enough to use. I put her as the tank with Aeron on one side and Aegir on the the other . I hit all specials at same time and noticed that I didn’t get the maximum health back like I assumed. Only 1 special took full effect . Is that how its supposed to be?

Hold your finger on the hero’s icon and it should give you a full list of buffs and debuffs that are active.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Aerons doesn’t stack, but I would think Ageir would.

Yep , your right . Aegir did work just not Aeron . Which ever one is triggered last is the one that takes over. Thanks !!

Aslo non-dispellable have priority.

Khiona’s HOT is non-dispellable so it will overwrite Aeron’s But not be overwritten by Guinevere.

Minions give HP, HOT can give HP and immediate heal can give HP. So Delilah/ Mother North + Alberich are good team but Ares + Tarlak lose some of there potential when A.I. Controlled.

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status effects of the exact same type dont stack. never have. ie only one heal over time, only one fire damage over time (that’s why you fire marjana before gravemaker ).

now similar but not exactly the same do stack - ie tiberius -34% defense wih falcon -54% from red will stack for red damage.


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