Do minions inherit innate abilities?

So minion producers are becoming a big thing nowadays. Does a minion inherit its owners innate ability? Example…telluria fires and gives vela a minion. Vela innate ability resists all incoming damage and negative effects from enemy minions. Will the minion that telluria gave vela also resist damage etc from enemy minions?

I ask this question also, because some newer minion producers have minions that apply status effects when they hit. Kvasir comes to mind.

Minions are only meat-shield on a hero. It’s similar to boosted health from Heimdall or C.Kashhrek (with the difference they will attack at the end of turn). Every damage done goes to minions first and when they are destroyed then to health of the hero.

But you are not attacking minions only the hero. So if Vela can resist enemy minion attacks/effects she won’t get any damage when enemy minions target her (and so her minions won’t be damaged too)


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