Do Members Not participating in War & Titan battles get loot?

If a alliance member is in the war but doesn’t battle, do they share in the loot? I have a member with war participation checked, but for the last several wars I’ve kept track he never fights. I know he’s been on during the wars.

How long should I keep someone on the roster if they dont fight? or battle the titan.

is it worth it to keep someone on the roster because of how many trophies they have even if they dont fight or are you better off kicking them.

If they aren’t using war flags and haven’t opted out, they’re actually hurting the alliance, not just themselves. Their heroes are counted in matching, so you face a stronger opponent.

In my alliance, they get one warning


Trophies do not help the alliance in any way. They are for individuals. If you can’t communicate with the Person, I’d kick. Why have someone in an alliance who (1) doesn’t war, especially if set to participate, and (2) doesn’t fight titans. Could get worse when you get to the harpoon stage of the game.


They’re doing your alliance more harm than good. Adopt a policy & stick to it. You’ll be amazed at the difference it’ll make.

In my alliance I have a strict policy: If you miss hitting a Titan you get a warning. 2nd time you get booted. If you then hit the next 3 Titans the warning is lifted. If after that you miss a Titan again you get a warning but it will not be lifted so the next Titan missed is a boot.

For war, if you opt in & leave even 1 flag you get the boot. War is optional in our Alliance which is why there’s no warning.

Of course if someone has to be away all they need to do is opt out of war & notify me or any of my co’s & they’re excused.


I’d burn that leech asap


Kick him now 20 20 20


Kick now! I mediately


As far as I know having a defense team on battlefield without attacking gives loot. Not attacking titan does NOT give any loot.
Especially for war we got rule to use all flags as well. Otherwise we warn them 1 time and then kick those members. Everybody got option out button if not willing to fight. Make them use it or say farewell!


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