Do loot tickets fill monster and elemental chests?

Title says it all… can I use a loot ticket to fill monster and elemental chests? Or does it just give me the completion loot without filling chests?

Yes, they does :slight_smile:

They give/have the same effect as normal completion.

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Awesome, thank you very much.

I just tried it our. Makaing last stage and my chest did not fill…

Explain your case:
if you need to fill an elemental chest (ice) and fight a dark force stage (purple only monsters) you’ll not fill your chest.

If you need generic color to fill your 100 monsters chest then every stage will be ok.

I am talking about a normal chest to fill with any enemy. Started with 15 and still 15 after loot ticket fight. Will make some screen shots next time…

It did work for me on both a normal chest and an elemental chest.

Yes it does and will - for everybody.
90% of reported bugs are simply human error…

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They definitely count, but if there weren’t enough monsters in the levels won, the chest won’t completely fill.
I had a ‘doh’ moment this morning when I burned all my energy on 23.11 using tickets and didn’t fill the monster chest, before I remembered there are only three opponents there… good thing for me I was doing it to level and got an instant refill to finish the chest off.

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