Do legendary Troops impact war match making?

In our last war we faced an enemy much stronger than us. Our opponents warscore was 43000 against our 48000, which makes no sense at all looking at the team power on the battlefield.
Of cause I don’t know their war history, but such bad match making did not happen for a long time.

In our alliance we have two people with lvl 30 legendary troops, the opponent had none, so I wonder if they may have screwed up the match calculation?

So far it’s a one time event, but I wanted to check if others noticed something similar?

I think it will. I vaguely recall war values measuring the power of the top 30 heroes… I’m sure the top 30 troops affect that value. I’m guessing… But i don’t see why it wouldn’t.

I believe it’s just the top troop of each color that counts

Troops do add power. How many players on your team?

Troops barely affect team power. Change from mana troop lvl 17 into legendary lvl 30 gives +23 power (0.38% of my team). So more 5* troops, bigger the chance to win war. Whales from now on have it easier to win against F2P.

I do know having a lvl29 Sorceror legendary troop on my Lucinda makes her very very very hard to kill. :grinning:

I haven’t seen anything to contradict what was public knowledge which was:

There have been tweaks to matchmaking since this list, mainly the win/loss aspect changing from an alliance metric to a player metric.

But I see no reason why legendary troops would be somehow exempt from this assessment though.


Nobody needs 30 troops for war, even mono players would only need 25, but everybody else needs less than that.

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I wasn’t putting much thought into my comment…

Seems I wasn’t clear in my original posting,

The point I wanted to make is, that the new troops have a much too strong impact on the war matchmaking.

I agree that they have an impact, but compared to lvl 30 mana or wizard troops, it’s not big. The war score on the other hand seems to be affected significantly, which leads to bad match making.

Did anyone noticed this as well? Due to other factors (members, history) I can’t provide good numbers, so please excuse my vague question.

I strongly disagree. Legendary troops have a huge impact on defensive teams.
The HP boost has created a huge rift between offense and defense. Heroes’ damage has barely changed and the heroes taking the damage have 24-40% more HP. SG tries to correct this imbalance by weighting legendary troops more than epic troops in the score.

Yes, I’ve noticed it too. It’s easier to notice the smaller the war is. The smaller the war, the harder it is to get a match where both sides are balanced in power - same number of legendary troops with similar team powers.