Do item harvester work correctly?

Hi all, I just activated the item harvester on my account and start farming 8-7, but I get 23-25 object pour run.
Normally I’m pretty sure to get 18-20, so I expect to find 27-30 object with the extra 50%, am I right?

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I was wondering the same thing. For me it has pretty much been a worhtless item.

I would also like to know if it only works on crafting items or if it is crafting items and ascension materials (which in your inventory includes backpacks etc).

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I think there are similar posts about the iron and food harvesters too, they seem to be pretty lackluster across the board.

Object count includes recruits, heroes and troops. item harvester only increases the items, e.g. craft and ascension items.
so if you get 10 recruits/heroes/troops on average per run, then you get 8-10 items. with item harvester, that is plus 5. so it seems about right.

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ah ok, i didn’t got it, thanks!

It’s a waste to use item harvester in lower season 1 levels…

Use it to harvest premium items higher levels…

Same for other harvesters… use it in optimum ratio levels… which levels… info is ilable for food, iron, recruits… etc…

Think !!

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