Do I really need two of these for alliance wars?

When alliance wars was released, I figured I’d keep an “extra” good hero, but now I realize that it’s gonna take FOREVER to get to a point where I can start leveling them up and maybe just take up space. Some of the “doubles” are just 3*. I want opinions on whether to keep these “doubles” (or maybe ditch them completely):


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I assume you’re currently editing your post! Don’t rush.

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no one can tell you that but you bro, or someone who can see all the heroes you have, for example i got enough 4/5* i dont need 3* at all but maybe someone else got nothing but 3* it all depends about what you are missing, your raid style and if you are p2p or f2p player

Okay, here we go (it’s a looong list):

Brienne (not leveled at all)
Tyrum (not leveled at all)
Hawkmoon (not leveled at all)
Gan Ju (not leveled at all)
Friar Tuck
Mnesseus (not leveled at all)

Hu Tao (not leveled at all)
Li Xiu
Little John
Kelile (not leveled at all)
Wu Kong


Maybe I should post those I want to keep :stuck_out_tongue: From the bottom down:

Alberich (maxed)
Leonidas (maxed)
Boldtusk (maxed)
Boril (maxed)
Tiburtus (maxed)
Colen (maxed)
Gunnar (maxed)
Wu Kong (maxed)
Kiril (maxed)
Li Xiu (maxed)
Melendor (maxed)
Rigard (tier 4 lvl 60)
Gormek (tier 4 lvl 60)
Grimm (tier 4 lvl 56)
Sabina (tier 4 lvl 42)
Aeron (tier 3 lvl 13)
Peters (tier 4 lvl 15)
Little John (tier 4 lvl 12)
Chao (tier 3 lvl 60)
Delilah (tier 2 lvl 36)
Richard (tier 2 lvl 12)
Friar Tuck (maxed)
Cyprian (tier 2 lvl 46)
Oberon (maxed)
Ulmer (maxed)
Jahangir (maxed)
Carver (maxed)
Azar (maxed)
Karil (maxed)
Valen (maxed)
Justice (tier 1 lvl 34)
Belith (maxed)
Bane (maxed)
Merlin (tier 2 lvl 30)
Khagan (tier 1 lvl 11)
Elkanen (tier 1 lvl 10)
Khiona (tier 1 lvl 1)
Zimkitha (tier 1 lvl 1)
Thorne (tier 1 lvl 1)
Azlar (tier 1 lvl 1)
Vivica (tier 1 lvl 1)
Lianna (tier 1 lvl 1)
Graymane (tier 3 lvl 5)
Sonya (tier 1 lvl 12)
Skittleskull (tier 1 lvl 6)
Triton (tier 1 lvl 1)
Caedmon (tier 1 lvl 5)
Gobbler (tier 1 lvl 1)
Sumitomo (tier 1 lvl 1)
Ameonna (tier 1 lvl 1)
Valeria (tier 1 lvl 1)
Gretel (tier 1 lvl 1)
G. Jackal (tier 1 lvl 1)
G. Falcon (tier 1 lvl 1)
Hu Tao (tier 1 lvl 1)
Chochin (tier 1 lvl 1)
Arman (tier 1 lvl 1)
Mnesseus (tier 1 lvl 1)

The rest is just 3* doubles, plus singles:
Berden (tier 1 lvl 1)
Balthazar (tier 1 lvl 1)
Nashgar (tier 1 lvl 1)
Tyrum (tier 1 lvl 1)
Dawa (tier 1 lvl 1)
Brienne (tier 1 lvl 1)

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With the point you are at now do you use the 3* anymore? I assume not to much. Maybe the rare part of events.

So feeding the extra ones is probably a good idea as it looks like you have a good size inventory.

I have only very few 3* and not sure if I will be keeping them long.

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Do you compete in events? Do you want to compete in events? If you do (want to), in what levels do you prefer to compete? Rare (3*), Epic (4*) or Legendary (5*)?

Also, which heroes exactly are duplicates?

This turned out more confusing than I thought xD

Yes, I participate in all events. It’s annoying when you’re only allowed to use 3* at the first stage :confused: That’s why it feels like I need to level up more 3* after all. But in story battles, titan battles and alliance wars, I obviously don’t use them since I have 4* with basically the same special skills as some 3*.

Maybe I shouldn’t be hoarding 3* just for the events…?

My third post (I failed so bad at posting from my phone xD) in this thread is a list of the duplicates.

Then it depends on the goal you set for yourself.

I have been collecting multiple 3* heroes of each color as well. Luckily I started out as a complete F2P player, which made me level them all up quite a bit. One day I would like to compete for real, so I only keep duplicates of heroes that I think will be helpful. Like, Bane, Balthazar, Gato, Berden etc.

  • I aim to have five 3* heroes of each color, so that a mono color stacking team is possible.
  • 3* heroes that I would feed away once I have the five heroes I want are: Gunnar, Kailani (But I’ll keep them to show my new alliance mates ‘‘how to beat’’ difficult levels early on), Carver, Isshtak, Oberon, Prisca and Friar Tuck.

I then would only feed away 4* heroes if I’ll be able to still have 6 alliance war teams.

  • Duplicate 4* heroes I don’t see a particular use of: Hu Tao and Cyprian. I would stick to Boril as he is a lot tougher than Cyprian. Every other 4* hero has a fine purpose, but a case could be made not to keep too many of Li Xiu, Colen, Little John and Boril.

However, you are also competing in Epic event stages. I would also keep at least five 4* heroes of each color.


I have stopped competing in the Rare level of the events. I do one run of level 1 just to get the free token, but the completion rewards aren’t worth the time and world energy, which I can better use to compete in Epic or Legendary.

Honestly, unless you are really willing to invest in getting top-10, there’s not a lot of rewards in Rare. Still fun if you enjoy the competition.

But thinking only of AW, raids and titans, you’ve outgrown 3*. Certainly keep the best until you have a roster of about 40 4*+ heroes (to give you some flexibility in war team composition). But I wouldn’t invest in further 3* development and thus would feed away all unleveled 3*.

Okay, actually I’d hold one of each as I’m a bit of a collector, but I have no plans to level them.


I have two profiles with one still weaker. My 6th war team can only use 2 leveled up Hawkmoons. That little girl has saved my bacon on many occasions.

Nothing more to add here … just wanted to give her a little shout out :blush:


Can anyone give me a good reason why I should keep duplicate and triplicate 4* heroes? I have Wu X4, Li x3, Boril X3, Scarlett X3, and Tiril X3 plus duplicates cyprian Grimm Sabina chao hu did Sonya Valeria gobbler skittleskull gormek and colen. Who should I keep and who should I use as feeders.
Ty for input

Unless you have fewer than 30 heroes for war, or you have are really unbalanced colour-wise, or there are heroes you love having in multiple war teams…bin your duplicates. In my opinion :wink:

That is right, Boril is tougher than Cyprian, but that is not necessarily a good thing. A riposter’s job is to inflict the maximum amount of damage possible on the attacking foe. Now, Cyprian has a lower defense state and more HP than Boril. While tough enough to withstand a direct hit from any maxed 5* hero currently available, his lower defense allows him to take more damage from the hit than Boril, thus the riposte damage output will also be far greater then Boril’s. Use him in tandem with Rigard or Sabina (they charge up at the same rate) and heal as soon as he gets hit. Get ready for round two. So I’m in favor of Cyprian over Boril, for he is better at what he does.
The fact is that Cyprian is generally used wrong. A riposter’s place (if you decide to use one) is always in the center, flanked by two other tanky heroes, able to take a lot of punishment.
And even more than that, the real strength of the riposter is not in defense, but in attack, against teams with great AOE hitters. Any 5* AOE hitter is guaranteed to go down instantly when using the special skill against active riposte covering three heroes. I know this things for a fact and use this strategy to defeat fully maxed 5* teams, using only 4* heroes.


When forced to take Boril on attack (I’m very blue-deprived) I flank him with my low Def heroes for max damage, similar to your logic for Cyprian

Thanks for pointing out mono teams! I never thought of that. I should probably keep some 4* tanks and healers then. I can easily beat the easy stages of events with the 3* I already have plus some healing items and I’m never down to 3* in AW, so I’m not gonna bother with 3* mono teams. I have better things to do than leveling up tier 1 lvl 1 3* heroes :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll disagree a bit with @JonahTheBard: there are a half-dozen top-tier 4* that are worth having dupes of.

  • Boldtusk
  • Kiril
  • Rigard
  • Merlin
  • Proteus
  • Grimm

These are mostly for war, and mostly to assure that you’ve got tools to take down six yellow tanks. Grimm copies are great in events, but I also used all three of mine against red tanks a few wars ago.

The wisdom of experience. My alliance is fortunate not to be confronted with such…yet

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