Do I really need to level a 2nd wu or joon

Ok I’m trying to get a consensus. With ascension mats harder and harder to get with each update it seems! I do have the following Holys already fully levelled
G. Jackal
In the wings to level…Onatel,Danzaburo, and Justice( who is currently at 3/16)

I should also mention I have fully levelled Alasie, Sartana , Evelyn , Zimkitha, Magni, . so dont need gunner

If you have Onatel and Justice still to be leveled, no. If you didn’t have them it would be worthwhile.

If you have orbs/darts to max Onatel then I’d certainly go that route rather than duplicate Joon or Wu. It takes a little getting used to using Onatel’s special but she’s fun to use on an attack team.

As strange as it seems, i rather suggest you a Leonidas.

Definitely don’t need a second Wu. Joon is always a good choice if you don’t have another yellow 5* and want to spend darts.

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