Do I really need Gan Ju?

So I’m a newer player… only at level 24 … and my roster is heavy on Holy heroes … not necessarily heaps but for a small roster of 34 having 11 holy is alot lol …
My most recent acquisition is Gan Ju, which had I got this a month ago would have been a good thing.
But last month I was blessed with beginners luck and scored Chao, Li Xiu, Hu Tao, Kailani, 2 Banes and 2 Ranvirs. And then this atlantis summon got me Melia and Wu Kong.

And today I get Gan Ju … Do I keep him?

I’m told to keep all 3* unless they are duplicates (but I kept the extra bane cos he awesome), but Gan Ju just doesnt speak to me … I could sit on him but hes almost guaranteed to never be leveled what with all my other holy heros :thinking: see my dilemma

Any advice is greatly appreciated :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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If you intend on participating in the rare difficulty on the seasonal stuff, then I would keep Gan Ju. If you get Chochin or Azar in the near future then they would be a good mana control pairing until you get Proteus.


If you have enough space in roster, keep him, you never know what will happen. Mana cut is nice for rare events and 3* raid tournaments.

But if you eat him nothing wrong happen, you will get many times in future.


What is it that you don’t like about him? He provides fast mana control and a decent attack. 3* heroes are faster to level than 4* and require no unfarmable ascension materials.


I think its partially cos I got spoilt with 4* and 5* early on and now I’m like great another holy …
If he weren’t fast he prob would have been eaten by now and I wouldnt be so indecisive bout it.

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Thanks everyone … I’ll keep him for now and when I hit a wall with ascending my other heros maybe he will get his chance in the spotlight :slightly_smiling_face:


In the future you wouldn’t need him… but he would always need you :panda_face:


Consider also if you might need him for class trials. I kept several less-than-ideal heroes for just that reason.


Specially since you are new to the game KEEP him, there are a couple of events or situations where you will be only allowed to use 3 stars heroes so…


Roster space is cheap, especially when your roster is small. It’s worth spending a few gems now, and then let your leveling provide you with somewhat more expensive roster spaces as you level up.

Gan Ju is outshined by Bane and Melia for challenge events. Ditto Azar, she is outshined by Nashgar, Namahage and the Wabbit.

Otherwise mana control is more useful for raid tournaments. So 1 is the max I’d keep of him.


Gan Ju is a good 3* hero.

You may want to invest in a solid 3* bench for class trials, events and raid tournaments before sinking a load of resources into the 4*. This will help you gain loot and emblems more quickly.

That said, class trials need maxed 4* and even 5* to complete the final level, 3* will not cut it even if you try to nuke your way through (I am sure someone has managed it but the odds are very low).

That said, your Holy lineup is excellent. I’ve eaten all my Hu Taos, even the one that was in third ascension (he got there by only eating other Hu Taos) which is strong indicator of what I think of him.

Melia is also an excellent 3*. I am reluctant to say which of Ranvir or Wu goes first, someone with experience with Ranvir at 3-70 should probably offer insight vs. Wu at 4-70.

Chao and Li should help you (I prefer Chao but am working on Li now for very fast 4* raid tournaments).

Kailani could be helpful if you do not have Gunnar (or maybe class trials too).

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You can do it if the 3*s have emblems, and if you mix them with some 4*s or 5*s. I’ve cleared the decimation and serenity trials with these teams respectively:


That didn’t take long… :grin:

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Serenity is a real pill for me, but I cleared it with two unemblemed 3-stars:

  • Tiburtus +12
  • Sonya +9
  • Thorne 2^60
  • Berden 3^50
  • Gunnar 3^50

I also did Nature with two unemblemed 3-stars:

  • Melendor +9
  • Tiburtus +9
  • Caedmon 4^70
  • Melia 3^50
  • Brienne 3^50

As @Sternman said though, both were really difficult, and I don’t recommend it if you don’t have to.


if you have 3 or 4 yellow 3* heroes… Gan Ju is no useful because you will use only in raid tournament.

Gan Ju has been very useful for me in the current Raid tournament. helped me win three attacks just now, including one against a scary +18 Chochin. Gan Ju’s mana cut and fast mana speed made sure that Chochin never fired once (even though it took a while to kill him)


Thank you everyone … I have kept him … but now Ive just pulled Guardian Jackal … what is it with certain colours favouring you … obviously the holy are drawn to me


Congrats! He’s one of the best 4* heroes :slight_smile: Mix him with Ranvir + other yellow heroes against a purple titan. When they’re all maxed, watch your damage scores soar!

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There’s definitely a color thing. I personally pull tons of reds, and can’t ever seem to get yellows.

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