Do I really need a healer?

Is my first team the best route with the heroes I have?

Welcome to the forums. You have very good rosters.

There are many mission and concern for Titan, Raid, War, Quest, Rare/Epic/Legendary Tournament.
Aliance War need minimum 30x heroes. So *3 heroes like Bane is still good and worth to keep.
Finghting Titan also better using strong color stack. + Wu Kong/Ranvir or Tarlak.

Vivica, Kunchen is healer you already have 2 healer.
What is your current defense Raid setup?

Consider also reading this guide.

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I’m just wondering if I should use hel for purple and ditch Vivica and try get a strong yellow like Joon, Isarnia lowers defense and maybe another strong hero to do damage like Lianna. I’ve completed season 1 and only have 1 more level in season 2 so I’m trying to gear more towards titans and raids.

While you are at season 1 starting your map farming, I suggest you also start join Alliance and hit Titan also participate War, because it has a chance to get non-farmable materials for your rosters stronger.

Your *5 will stuck at 3.70 longer…
I suggest focus 1st at *3 or *4 heroes.
There are also *3 Tournament or rare Event Challlange. (but you can ignore)
Also *3 and *4 is faster to levelup and not so hard to get the materials.

While we are waiting our material for *5 heroes, we can start focus at *4 and some *3 heroes. Thats how it works.

  • You will need more than 1 team to be good in raids or titans.
  • 3-2 combination or mono is better than a rainbow team in attack.
  • Gravemaker is a better hero than Elena.
  • Hel is a gamechanger.
  • Using 3 slow heroes (Isarnia, Vivica, Elena) together in raid is not a good idea.
  • 4* hero at 4/70 is generally better than 5* hero at 3/70.

Did you sacrifice Wu Kong/Wilbur??? I certainly hope you didn’t do that. Those 4* are better than a lot of 5* against titan and sometimes raids… Wilbur will be very helpful in Atlantis hard mode.

I’m looking forward for the result, is it normal or hard mode?

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Normal mode, just beat it this morning

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I’m sure, that Viv, Kun, Boril, Elena and Little John will do a good job in the heart of Atlantis…

I guess, nobody would have finished Atlantis without a healer or better 2, 4, 5.

Best team for Ursena would be
Delilah Guin Vivica Guin Delilah

You keep only 10 heroes?

Not really wise, if i have to say.


Would I be better off leveling chao due to his fast mana?

I hate a cluttered roster and try to keep mine as low as possible. That being said, even I’m shocked at how few heroes you have.

You are missing out on whole components of the game - certain raid tourneys, some levels of the special quests.

And I agree, with the above posts that you are severely limiting yourself for colour stacking.

Can you give us some idea of your overall, long-term strategy?


I bet that setup cost you a whopper amount of dough to set up.

I’d consider myself a lier if didn’t ask/wonder how you managed to get all those ascension items to level them all off so quick though. That’s a trick I would like learn.

Very impressive team but I feel you have limited yourself especially when it comes to wars and most events.

Keep up good work

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I’ve started creating a 3rd team and I’m trying to focus more on raids

where are all your hero. OOoops lunch. focus getting 30 level/unlevel hero first. from 3 star to 5 star. Those are great hero. WIth fully 5 star 1 healer is good. with 3 and 4 star 2 healer needed sometiime.

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For wars one needs 30 heroes total. I highly recommend increasing your hero cap to between 100 and 150, depending upon gem availability.

That said… Kunchen is a beast at tank/wing. Elena is challenging in both of those slots as well, and Gravemaker is considered to be the best tank & hero in the game entirely. Hel’s pretty up there, too…

Since you have so many elite heroes, you might want to take a look here, to see what some of the game’s elite (i.e. Top 100 raiders) have and where they use each hero: E&P Almost-Weekly Review

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Jahangir is not so good, it is slow and good only for raid tournament that apply rule very fast.

Consider *3 heroes to keep:
Red: Rudolph, Squire Wabbit, Namahage, Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar
Blue: Gato, Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar
Green: Muggy, Belith, Brienne, Berden, Mnesseus, Hisan
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Melia, Kailani
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin, Gill-Ra

Jahangar has his uses in an end-of-game war mono red stack. But yeah, build up a 30 hero roster for that. That’s six teams. Unless you’re not in an alliance, in which case your’e missing out on titan and war chests.

You need to decide who your defense tank is and then build your defense around that. Try to keep the defense rainbow (one of each colour) to minimize stacking against it. BTW your defense WILL lose, not much you can do about that.

Then look at your attack options and who work well together. Also look at who work well against your opponent. For riposters you want debuffers like Sonya or Melendil to remove the riposte effect. And so on.

Chao is a meh hero really, he doesn’t scare me in raids at all.

PS you SHOULD have a Bane, everyone starts with a Bane unless you used him as food. Bane is a top notch 3* hero.

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I should also add I am using 3 healers to get through Atlantis on hard mode.

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Even a very good raid defense should contain at least one healer. The following def possibly would have been more successful with a healer instead of Khiona or any other.

Cleanse, dispel, very fast burn and blind are all awesome skills, but…

3 healers + 2 3/60 riposte help me finish untill 27-9 of hard mode… I want to try 5 healers vs hard Ursena :rofl:

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