Do i need rigard in my defence team?

Hey, currently i have this in my Alliance war defence team. Do you guys think i should replace rigard with an fast attacker. Caedmon maybe? I have 12lvl green 4* troop. Wouldn’t be better?

I have Hansel aswell i could give him rigards talents.

A Rigard in the corner can be really sticky.

If your enemy stacks and gets bad tiles, Rigard will keep healing while the arrows fall!


Hey @JonahTheBard what about Hansel?

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I don’t have him, so don’t have first hand experience.

He has a really good reputation on attack, but I’d much rather face him than Rigard in a war.


Without a doubt Rigard is one of the most annoying, if not the most annoying, AW 4* hero. He’s given me indigestion quite often, even more than those fried onions…or hot peppers.

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It can be strong to have a healer in mid level alliance wars because healers really foil the weaker teams in alliance wars where they can heal away the damage completely and cause opponents with weak teams to score 0 and waste a flag.

So I’d say keep Rigard.

Personally I’d swap him and Marjana. Rigard won’t fire very often in the corner. He’s got some half decent tanky stats and you want him to get hit by the occasional tile so he fires his heal and therefore flank is the ideal position for Rigard IMO.

Meanwhile the outsides get typically hit by the least amount of tiles and therefore you want faster characters there otherwise they won’t affect the battle before its already pretty much over. So very fast or fast characters on the outsides at all times IMO. So you really want Drake and Marjana on the outsides since they are your only fast.

Unfortunately it does put the two purples closer together which isn’t ideal but I think the mana considerations are more important than the color considerations. Hmmm tough call there.

Maybe Caedmon would be better then? Really weak teams are basically not going to be able to get past your Aegir anyways unless they get lucky. Probably depends on the emblem level of your Caedmon.


Hey thx for reply @PapaHeavy and @DaveSonnenberg. :slight_smile:
My caedmon has 9 emblem level. More i thinkin, more doubts come to my Head. Last couple of wars oponents with highest team power were killing mine anyways. I’m keeping rigard in next war. I’ll replace him with marjana. Will see how it goes.

Hansel is game changing on offence, but not stellar on defence.

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