Do I have to spell it out?


alpha, sierra, sierra, echo, sierra, sierra …

sierra, echo, x-ray, tango, uniform, papa, Lima, India, Charlie, alpha, tango, echo …

Chat doesn’t like my vocabulary. :frowning:


Should have used morse code


A profanity filter might sound like a good idea.

But frankly, it’*** or miss most of the time.


Psst u need a space between it’s and hit.



I had one! Didn’t stop the filter. :slight_smile:

(To be clear, I’m talking about chat. The forum’s profanity filter is … less strict. I bet I can get away with assessments in sextuplicate here. RIght?)


Yeah game chat is annoying like that.

Changing the alliance chat language let’s you cuss in different languages tho.