Do I have to leave an alliance to join another?

I joined an alliance when I was starting out, this alliance doesn’t have everyone attacking titans and doing wars… 5* titans escape and wars lost. I now feel that I need to move to an alliance that can win wars and defeat 5* and higher. Can I get an invite to an alliance whilst being in an the alliance I’m in at the same time?

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Unfortunately you have to leave one to join another. Suggestion would be to have a look through the alliance recruitment subforum, see if you can find a good prospect and chat with them. Set up your escape hatch, and then press the button once you’re satisfied that you have a new home

Good luck!


As i recall you need to leave first them join another one

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To add to the above info, you do not receive invitations to join alliances, you have to join them. If they are ‘Open’ and you meet the requirement you will be in. If it is ‘Invite Only’ you apply and someone in the Alliance will need to approve you.


That’s correct and “invite only” is misleading. Maybe they should change wording…


Thank you all, I will look to do just that! I appreciate your help with this :slight_smile:

I would also add…

You could also make an ad and post it in Alliance Recruitment, telling alliances your level and experience and stating what you are looking for in your new alliance. I’m sure you’ll be inundated with offers.

Alliances are always looking for active players who hit the titan & use all war flags.

Good luck


This statement may also be a little misleading as ‘inundated’ might be a little tame for the amount of offers you’ll receive :rofl:

Seriously, you will get more than you bargain for, but take your time, ask questions and pick your top candidates. Once you get your top picks, you may want to give each a trial period to see which is the best fit for your playing style. If you go this route, just let the alliances know up front so there’s no misunderstandings.

Good luck with your search and hope you find your forever home quickly!


Also, when you leave an alliance, don’t leave during the match making process for war or during war. It will tarnish your name.


As others above answer, you would need to leave your current alliance before joining a new one.

Forum has a recuitment section, if you post there you’ll likely end up with several offers. There are also recuitment groups in Line and a Discord recuitment server if you prefer that tool. Discord Alliance Recruitment Server

Gaming is more fun in an alliance of like-minded people, good luck in finding one that fits you!

I’d recommend to use this board to find a new alliance. You’ll get more information and be able to time your movement well. You’re also able to ask questions in a more comfortable way than in the spammy recruitment chat.


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