Do i have anyone worth lvl 90? (choose all you would lb2)

  • Cupido
  • Kettle
  • Costumed LotL
  • Green knight
  • Nemesis
  • Flip
  • Leadria
  • Xiautu
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I’d wait, sorry

But in the future when you get someone worth taking to lvl90 you’ll be glad to have the mats :+1:t2:



Though it still may be worth 2LBing a hero that will contribute to a main attack team, and, to a lesser extent, a war defence team or a potential war attack team. In the last case, if the feeders could be equally used to improve other candidates for war attack participation, there could be even less reason to rush into 2LB.

It can also be worth investing in heroes who may be most easily knocked out of a team and/or that are most likely to be targetted.

A lot may also depend on the rate at which a player may gain new options.


Great heroes:
Cupido, Xiaotu, Green K, LoTLc, but i would not be in a hurry.
I use for example Xiaotu at LB1 and She is competitive, no need for LB2.
Same true for the others. They can be game changers with good synergie and support.

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I voted Green Knight. He´s the only one who would a) get the most out of the alpha break and b) makes a big enough impact on the game to be worth it.

Cupido is great, but his main special is the mindless heal which doesn´t need the LB2. Xiaotu is mainly there for the passive, etc. Of course every hero benefits from higher survivability, but if you have to economize resources, put them of the heroes where you benefit the most. Nemesis is a good sniper (might be my second choice), but definitely not above GK. Healers (Lotl, Lea, Flip) nah, just nah, can´t bring myself to LB2 healers. If one of them is your war tank and you want to strengthen the def, then sure, but otherwise… nah
Kettle??? I´d rather step in dog poop than feed a single hero to that turd, let alone give him valuable resources.

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Thanks for the answers, Cupido & GK seem to be on the edge of making the cut, but others no. Cupido i might lb2, he dies too easily without a matching 5* troop, and i like the special still.

GK… Not yet for sure, but maybe later if i don’t get better ones. I like him dying a lot and he does that well at lvl 85. maybe even too well, even before getting to fire :roll_eyes:

Funnily enough. My most used out of these heroes are Lotl + Leadria combo… Leadria has ~900 hp minions to keep Lotl swords untouched and those are buying me time to heal and well, usually enough to win the match. I was wondering if LB2 on leadria would be worth it as extra hp for minions, but that strong 0% answers it for me.

Also propably tells you something about my roster strenght, since i find Kettle a valuable hero with his 90% great special.

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Since I have exactely 0 of these heros I didnt vote. :rofl:
Though in my spheres and because I am a control freak I would LB2 Lotl because she is the hero I always skip if she shows up in opponents raid teams.
With the others I can deal without a super starting board.

Cupido or Green Knight indeed. And personally, i wouldn’t wait as you cannot predict when the game would give you better options. It could be in a week, a month, a year… and until then, 1) you want to enjoy the game and be competitive, and 2) you’ll be able to gather enough resources for a second LB2

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It´s not so much that, but the damage he does on revive increases with his attack stat, so LB2ing him will make him do more damage on revive.
If you want him to die quicker bring heal-3 heroes that don´t touch him or something like that.

I have a feeling he has fixed 765 damage on revive on maxed special skill and attack stat has nothing to do with it. Atleast museum lvl 80 +0 GK shows me same number as my lvl 85+20 GK… Also tested with mana troop and 5* troop and there was no effect. Would be awesome if it was affected, but i gues no.

If that is true, forget all I said and ignore him lol.