Do I eat 3* heroes?

I have acquired quite a few 3* heroes that I haven’t developed. I use 2* to level up my 4 and 5s, but I don’t know what to do with the 3* ones. I have at least one Ulmer, Hawkmoon, RIgard, Ishtak, Prisca, Renfeld, Gan Ju, Kailani, Karil, Carver, Nashgar, Greymane, Gunnar, and Belith. I have several 3* ones ready for battle if need be, but I don’t want to waste these others. In the meantime, they’re doing nothing but clogging my Hero Roster.

Thanks for any advice.

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I’d hang onto them. Space in the roster is cheap to expand, and they may be of use for the lowest tier of events.

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Rigard is 4*. Don’t eat him


It might be a good idea to save 30 heroes for war, so those extra 3* might be good to hang on to. Furthermore, it might be good to save extra heroes of a certain color in case you are dealing with war opponents who exclusively use single color tanks. If you are satisfied with the versatility of your 4* and 5* collection for those purposes to use over 6 war flags, then eat the extra subpar 3* heroes and save a few good 3* characters to help you in events.


Ah, I’ve never been to war. Nor joined an alliance yet. Ok, I’ll keep those guys and even feed them once in a while. I’m sort of stuck waiting for some items to ascend (Khagan needs some hidden blades for instance) so I might as well build up some others while I wait. Thanks.

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I highly recommend joining an alliance. Right now you are missing out on Titans and Titan loot. Also, a proper Alliance will help with game strategy and a social dimension to the game. Wars also adds another opportunity for loot and the ability to fight as a team with your alliance. For me, there have been times I only continued playing because of my alliance. I


Join an alliance ASAP. It might take you a year or two to ascend some heroes if you don’t get Titan loot and titan chest loot.

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Definitely keep Hawkmoon, Kailani, Karil, Gunnar, and Belith

You do want to keep your three stars for the challenge events, no matter how many 4 or 5 star heroes you have. I keep three of each color to be able to triple up if needed.

Alliance wars will use your top 30 heroes. So you will need your 3 stars until you have 30 4+ star heroes.

I feed my new 3 stars to my new heroes (and a lot of 4 stars), but I have my challenge and AW needs met.

Hope it adds clarity.

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Thanks, I will not eat them, tasty as they may be.

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I have 1 of each hero and a fully ascended team of 3* s for the event. All duplicate 3*s I eat.

I eat the unleveled ones… with cinnamon.

I feed all away that I do NOT use in the events as I have enough 4* at 3/60 or higher for AW. And all of them are maxed anyways at this stage.

You may want to take a look at Anchor’s Hero Guide for information on 4* and 5* in the future (your Rigard is 4*).

Anchor’s Hero Guide

As regards 3*, until you have participated fully in War or Beginner Event, you will have no idea what you need; imho keep ALL. (Yes, you can eat duplicates, but you might want to keep a double Belith or double Bane, for example, depending.) Until you know the value of what you are throwing away, I’d start reading the Forums and maaaaybe buying more space (50 gems for 5 slots isn’t terribly expensive, but that’s up to you.)


There are apparently still two new events planned, for red and green reflect, that we have yet to see, so even playing the current set, Pirates, Guardians, and Avalon, isn’t a guaranteed revelation of what 3* you may need.
Rumors hint the next one will be red reflect, but I have no idea how soon we’ll see it.

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