Do "enhanced shields" stack beyond "normal attack" cap?

I couldn’t find an answer to this in the individual hero threads.

Do the enhanced shields from heroes like Jott stack above and beyond the attack cap from heroes like Miki and Tarlak?

i.e., if I have Miki and Kiril active, and then fire Jott’s special, do the enhanced blue shields have greater than +170% attack?

I would assume yes since the buff is being applied to the tiles and not to the heroes, but I wanted to make sure. Can anyone confirm?

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Short answer: yes, they stack beyond that limit. :+1:

Long story ahead… :nerd_face:
I just checked another combination consisting of Kirill (+30%), Tarlak (+100%) and Ratatoskr (shields enhanced by 64%). See video:

Concentrate on the bottom green combination after reshuffling. The left shield has Ratatoskrs bonus active, the others don’t. The combination hits:

The left tile hits for 900, the right one for 693 damage (ignore the middle one as it hits the weak point).

  • The right tile has an attack boost of 30%+100%=130% added to the normal 100%. Hence 693/230 equals about 310 base damage (aka 100%).
  • The math for the left tile then: 900 damage divided by 310 (better 3.1 per 1%) base damage results in about 290% attack or a 190% attack boost.
    Remembering that there is an attack boost of 30% (Kirill), 100% (Tarlak) and 64% (Ratatoskr) this sums up to 194% and pretty good matches the calculation performed for just one single tile. As the maximum boost as given from Tarlaks description is 160%, the enhanced shields do stack beyond that.

Enough evidence for me to not further investigate a couple of hundred tiles. :wink:


I think the middle one is related to the critical buff, not to the weak point.

Thanks for your test. It helped me a lot.

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