Do Emblems Change the Utility of Some Heroes?

Are there any heroes for which the ability to add stats via nodes significantly alters that hero’s overall utility?

I’m thinking specifically of heroes like Guardian Kong, who’s known to be really squishy but has high tile damage and a high-damage AoE on average mana. Or others who are either too squishy, or just don’t have enough punch to be considered good (Horghal, maybe?)

Can focusing on the right stats for those heroes be enough to adjust their overall value?

It can make them more valuable, but I don’t think they’ll really significantly alter their value proposition. You can definitely make Kong less squishy but he’ll never really be tanky.

It can make Proteus into tanky hero.

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I would never look for Kong to be tanky, but he gets out of “too squishy to be useful” bucket, he’s got one of t better AoE attacks in the game.

Seems like that might make him a candidate for a right wing position in place of someone like Aslar.

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