Do dragon attacks stack?

If I cast two dragon attacks in one turn does it go from 132 damage over 6 turns to 264 damage over twelve turns? I don’t want to waste them so I haven’t tested it. Somebody more experienced probably has the answer.

Don’t think so. It will only reset the turns it does DoT to 6 turns.

I can’t think of anything similar that does - Colen and Azlar don’t and banner items don’t stack with hero powers - Boldtusk and bear banner for example

So I doubt it does

No burn effect will stack, including dragon attacks. Whatever effect is cast last takes effect, unless one is undispellable like Natalya.

Did anyone else accidentally read that as Dragon Snack?

I know I have a tendency to do that whenever I see that item.

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While burn DOT won’t stack with itself, it’s worth mentioning that it will stack with other types of DOT like poison, sand, and moonlight.