Do different App Versions affect War like they do with Raids? [MASTER]

A couole of wars ago every member of the opposing alliance were using a different version. We wete still able to attack each other. If an update made balance changes to heroes it might be different.

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Okay, so if a minor version update doesn’t change the hero balancing, and allows for you to war against a player that is using a different version than you are, what is the difference between this and raiding?

The mechanics of the battle itself are the same as within a raid, minus the tiebreaker. The only rationale that I can see between the two is the scoring mechanisms underneath each game feature. However, if that were the case, then there’s a rather large frailty built into the structure of the current raid scoring system.

Personally, if there have been no changes to hero balances, and the defense on both raids and war is guided by the server/client AI, then I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind prohibiting only raids.

The only thing that I can surmise is a “soft” forced update, which gradually pressures players to update, while frustrating the majority that already have. The two solutions are to: (a) eliminate the prohibition, or (b) make all updates forced.

Again: if they’ve done it for war, I’m unsure what the rationale is behind not being able to do it for raids.