Do different App Versions affect War like they do with Raids? [MASTER]

On our current (About to start) war there is allot of enemy teams that are on different app versions. Does that affect the war like it affects raids?


minor version changes haven’t impacted raids that I have ever noticed…

I get an orange notification when I click the opponents profile saying (This player is playing on a different app version) Which is the same notification I get when doing revenges on users that hit me earlier and than I updated and I couldn’t raid them.

So this still apply’s to this new revision/version.

Interesting, I just updated but have only done a few raids. So far no notices. I’ll do some more.


This one is from a player on our war. (Opponent side)

This one is me trying to revenge:

I and others in my group that have updated are seeing the same message during raids. Several of the opponents are showing as not updated yet, war starts in 8 hours so we are wondering if it will affect it?

edit: this will only show if you try to revenge raid someone that raided you before you updated, and they are still on the older version.

That is correct. My point is that if I click that players that I am trying to raid, The profile shows me the same msg as the player from the war.

I am seeing the same as you for some of the opponents…not sure how this will work, our alliance members are wondering too—if you can’t attack someone on a different version in raids, is it the same for war attacks?

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Yea, I never seen it in wars before so maybe this warants a tag for a mod…

@Kerridoc @Rook Can ya’ll shed some light in to this dark tunnel? :smiley:

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This maybe a forced update, but if people don’t auto update or don’t log in to update, then that doesn’t matter. It will be interesting to see.

Worst case, we get free loot from SG for another mess up :wink:


I have never heard of different versions affecting War. Raid, certainly. Hmm…must find out! :wink:


Thanks @Rook I was not sure about the war hence why I ask, I knew about raid :slight_smile: … But now that we are in war it does not seem to affect it cuz I have not heard anybody complaint…

Thanks! Close her up!

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Per Petri, this should not affect wars (fingers crossed!)

It does affect Raids, as you already know. :slight_smile:


So, there was just a minor update that put emblems into rare titan drops. 18.1.0. Now, I was just looking over our war opponents’ member roster and I noticed that the ’ different app version’ message was on almost every one of their player’s Def screen.
Will, and if so, how, will this effect the upcoming War with them, due to begin in approx 4 hrs?

Someone else asked this a little bit ago earlier today, but there isn’t a final consensus in the thread yet:

(@Kerridoc @Rook Topic for Merge, and FYI there’s this old thread too)


Very very interesting… I mean there’s a huge impact if it does have the same effect as raiding

That seems to be the thought in the two other threads about this — that given the lack of threads posting about issues with it, it must not affect War the same way.

I think the question is just whether it’s a forced update where by the time War starts everyone has to be on the same version to play. There have been “maintenance breaks” for Wars before to allow for that, but we’ve had some releases without them.

That’s whatg I’ve come to believe… that’ll be forced b4 war starts. We’ll see lol. Thanks Zephyr

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Per Petri, it should not affect War. This is a duplicate thread and will be closed. :slight_smile:


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