Do developers ever respond to any questions on here?


I’ve asked a couple of basic questions and there has been no response. Not questions other players can answer, btw. Has anyone had a question answered?


Rarely, and usually with days/weeks delay, only on topics where people are getting nuts.


Granted, I have not been a member of the forums very long, but I have yet to see a single developer response.

To me, that is just out right unacceptable. If you are going to create a game, create a forum to go with the game, then it is your obligation to actually respond to questions concerns and other pertinent topics in YOUR Forum. Otherwise, you are just being rude.


The main purpose of forums is for players to discuss. I doubt they have time to read all posts and answer them.

If it is a matter players can’t help with, I suggested emailing them at

Some game mechanics they probably want to keep secret too.


This is the first time I’ve checked the forums in four days, and I have 12 unread threads. It takes less than half an hour to read every single thing posted on these boards in a day.

They have an employee who is officially responsible for community management, but in the past two weeks @Petri 's only posts have been to close threads, merge threads, and tell people to contact support directly (i.e. privately). That is not community management; that’s customer management. Right now the community (in general, on average) is upset about a key component of the game. It’s causing people to leave, and no one at Small Giant Games seems to care.


I wouldn’t say necessarily that they have an obligation to respond here, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to reach out and do so now and then, it doesn’t take long, and people appreciate it as you’ll see in any post Petri has responded to.

As others have stated, generally speaking, there needs to be widespread outrage for an issue to be addressed here. Which there currently is, it’s just convoluted because everyone is outraged about something entirely different (ascension items, raids, gameplay stagnation, etc.)

Mind you, that job utterly sucks. It’s kind of being like the press secretary for Donald trump. He just has to read and respond to our negative comments/support tickets every minute of the day, and frankly defend things that are pretty much indefensible. But, somebody has to do it. Last I saw the game had 600,000?-Ish players, and as far as I know, they have a team of like, 10 people working at their company. I’d give them the benefit of the doubt being a smaller operation, but it’s probably time to grow to adapt to what you built so that you can have a solid community outreach, answer queries, make more improvements, and simply end the current cancerous stagnation.


They do answer questions, but the best way to get a direct ANSWER is to email them. The best way to get to additional community feedback so it can be drawn to the attention of the devs is here.


I’ve been absent for a number of days, but came across the Devs answering someone here:

As you can see, they were answering a question and also providing a general timeline for action to be taken on it.

May this give you some hope that the Devs do in fact read and answer. :slightly_smiling_face:


But you realize they took days to say something and they never NEVER reply simple posts, only the big ones.


Yes, and that’s perfectly normal for a gaming company. They get tons of email support tickets, and that’s the primary way to get a response directly.


I get that, I’m just explaining that the hope “that the Devs do in fact read and answer” that Rook said is unlikely. Sending a email is better.


I’ve had the devs respond to me directly on about 6 or 7 posts here. But the main point is that often, a response isn’t needed or helpful when the complaint is, “zomg I had all these gems and I didn’t a get a 5* hero gimme my money!”

But rather when someone posts screen shots and a turn-by-turn description of how a heroe’s skill malfunctioned in “bugs” they give an answer.


From my experience, the devs actually do a fairly good job of responding here on the forum. As @Penari said, they are not likely to put together a response to an angry rant or a problem that has already been addressed over and over. Also, as far as turn around, we have to remember that every post or response that is given by staff represents the whole company. For this reason, they are not going to respond until they have looked at the issue from every angle and put together a solid response, and that takes time.


Most of those answers come after quite some time or after they get tagged over and over. Penari herself (himself) tags them exhaustively to get results. I’ve played games that were a lot bigger with a lot more users, but they replied every bug, asked for more information and informed about its resolution. By giving that feedback people would actually come with more little bugs and make things smoother. Here the bugs stay for a lot of time, they mutate even. A few weak ago Hel was still bugged, the bug that leaves the icons pitch black are still there, the issues with hits that don’t count on Titans show up now and then. Their replies are also usually vague, they actually told me to o go see on the forum instead of trying to actually reply. They also say that similar buffs stacking is a bug, still there though.

If you make a support system, you should care for it, leaving it to the users to manage it is absurd. These are your costumer. If they would actually reply the questions, we could just link every time it’s repeated by someone. Instead, we ourselves end up having to figure out everything and even figure out if it was changed. It pisses me off, that non-transparency.

Last post they thank Penari for her resume, THAT WAS SAID SO MANY TIMES FOR MONTHS. What’s the point of having a suggestion and idea area if you don’t read it? To voice concern if they don’t read it? It’s not news how upset we are and we’re about those quest. It pisses me off that it’s suddenly news for them. Making a game is as much about connecting to your players than it is developing it. A good game will address and hear their concerns so to allow them to enjoy it better and spend more, it’s not that complex. Happy player, happy wallet.

Having people, active one, constantly talking about quitting doesn’t look like they get that, not talking about rants, talking about people making content for them here, that spent money and all that. That last “promotion” I refused to buy it because I’m unhappy. And if the next version is just more of the same, that’s it for me. I rather spend money on the other game that not only bother replying, it also reward me gems if I’m the first one reporting it. Customer care means caring for them, this… this is just not that at all.


@Mai I apologize, I certainly did not mean any disrespect with my post. I have read through a ton of your posts on multiple threads since joining and know how detailed and thorough you are. I was more addressing the type of unorganized, whiny rants that I see so often. They just aren’t constructive. People like you and @Penari put together organized issues with examples, testing, and suggestions. If those requests are not being addressed (and I know they often are not), then that is certainly an issue and needs to be fixed by Small Giant. I do not have much experience with being active on game forums prior to this one and am used to just dealing with game issues being the way it is. I was saying that with the limited experience that I have, I was impressed that the seemingly limited staff is on here answering as many questions as they do. It was just my opinion. You definitely seem to have more experience, and therefore more expectations on this subject though. Hopefully things get better, I would hate to see you leave this game/forum, you have contributed so much.


No, my apologies, I’m seriously frustrated and having enough. I’m losing my cool. I’m sorry.


No worries. I hope things get better too. Take care!


I just love happy endings :wink: