Do defensive / offensive aids stack?


One of my guild members asked if defensive / offensive aids (banners, special attacks, etc.) stack if used multiple times. It may have been addressed earlier, but I didn’t see it in a quick site search.
I also wondered if the levels (easy, medium, challenging) were the same for every player, or if it was tweaked individually based on your team stats.
Any knowledge about either of these issues would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


To my knowledge, two items with the same ability (+ATK, +ATK) replace each other; they do not stack. (Axe attack and bomb attack, for example.). The latest one merely overwrites the other.

When you say levels are tweaked, which ones are you referring to, the Challenge Event or other?


Challenge events, where there are very easy, easy, medium, challenging. I just wondered if the levels were set, or they modified per player level stats.
And thank you for your response!


To my knowledge, there is only:

3* Heroes
2* Troops

4* Heroes
3* Troops

5* Heroes
4* Troops

Each section is actually “up to” __* Heroes, etc.

Each player has these limitations and I find you might want to level up heroes/troops to best meet the challenges, though it may be possible to win with less than that.


Rook is correct, only one special ability or item can be affecting a specific stat at any given time.

But there are a few exceptions!

1 -Wu Kong’s ability increases your team’s attack power, and negatively affects your team’s accuracy. Both these skills will stack with another special or item that increases your attack power, and with other debuffs that affect your accuracy

2 - Heroes that have a buff or nerf that is specific to an element will stack with a general buff/nerf to the same skill.
Examples of this are First Mate Boomer - his increased defence against holy stacks with say, a turtle banner.
The new Teltoc event heroes will reduce the defence of the target to a specific element, and this will stack with a general decrease in defence like Grimm or Valen’s special.

For your second question, the levels in the challenge events don’t scale to player level. (neither do quests)


Thank you both for your help, I’ll pass the info along!