Do Dark Lord, Onatels and Elizabeth's mana debuff stack?

I’m not sure if this mana debuffs stack or it just looks like it

They should all stack. The mana slow ailments from Liz and Dark Lord would cause the mana steal from Onatel to be less though since there is less mana generated to steal.


Can’t say for trying out, but it looks like three different things: mana ailment (-9% of poison from DL), mana steal (Onatel), fiend-effect (-24% by fiend from Elizabeth). so I expect only little generated mana left to steal for Onatel (to few to fire again after 4 turns?)

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Onatel and Elizabeth for sure stack I’d imagine D lord works with them too since is different type of mana control but not 100% on D lord I don’t have him and barely see on defenses

And yeah Elizabeth would hinder Onatels steal but mana slower and slower for opponent

They should all stack. All of them should stack with Skadi too for added fun. I doubt there will be anything left for Onatel to steal after Skadi, DL and Liz though.

Just tested in a friendly, DK and Liz stack. C Alasie would also stack I believe